Alcohol wipes recall

just letting parents know i heard about a recall about triad alcohol wipes yesterday. They come in a box of 100, but also could say CVS o Walgreens as well as others. You can go to the FDA website to see all. 2 people have died with these wipes, the actual foil packaging has bacteria on it. Doctors on xm radio say chances of diabetic patients having problems is none. But I dont think I’ll take the chance with my daughter.

We also got a recall notice from American Diabetic Warehouse for IV Preps that come in a similar package. We were using them to sanitize and help adhesion before inserting the pump.

They verified the Lot #s of the contaminated lots that Smioth & Nephew had tested in an independent lab. My latest shipment was recalled but not the older one. I still don’t feel that comfortable having my son use the older ones or a new shipment in the future.

I checked on this and have two boxes of iv prep with the recalled lot #s. I would have used some of them already but seems they haven’t been sticky enough lately, we have been using skin tac, a lot stickier. I wonder what we are supposed to do with the bad wipes?

Since I had ordered them online from ADW, they had the purchase in their database and notified me. When I called them as requested they had me dispose of the wipes and gave me a credit on my account.

If you know where you purchased yours, they should take them back and give you your money back. If you don’t have the receipt, Smith & Nephew has a customer care number online that you can call if you want a refund.