All in the family

So... In the last few weeks I have learned that my youngest daughter is hypoglycemic. I've been trying to explain to her what she is up against and to take it very seriously. Then a week ago my oldest daughter explains how her youngest son (14) is also hypo and how she found him out cold and still in bed at noon. Again, I try to convey the seriousness of this. On top of this my only grand daughter (5) and another grandson (15) are having issues that appear to be autoimmune but not yet diagnosed.

Then last night I get another call from my oldest to tell me she has just been diagnosed with SLE (lupos).I'm stunned. What's next? I'm not sure I want to get my labs done tomorrow (but I will).

I'm not really looking for anything here. I just had to get this out and this is the best place I know of to do that.

Wow, Randy. I'm so sorry to hear all this. The cliche "when it rains it pours" definitely comes to mind. I'm not a parent or a grandparent so I can only sort of know the feeling of helplessness you feel both for the children and adults. Genetics can be like a smack in the face sometimes. In some ways it can be harder for loved ones to have problems than having them yourself because there is often little you can do to help, or your help isn't accepted. But all you can do is offer - knowledge, resources, support and maybe just hugs and an ear. So much at once!

Aside from what you can (or can't) do for anyone else, I just want to encourage you and your wife to take care of yourselves in whatever ways help you: talking, laughing, crying, spending time alone, being in nature, treating yourselves well in little and big ways. You were one of the people most here for me when I was going through a rough time in June. Let me know if I can be there for you in any way now.

And do keep us updated on it all.

I was diagnosed as hypoglycemic about a year before T1 symptoms began. Of course no one told me that it could be a precursor to T1. Or more accurately a symptom of it.

Thanks Zoe. Like I said I just needed to vent. I could feel the negative building inside me and had to let it go. Thanks so much for you words and thoughts.

I'm still doing well. Had a second vitrectomy (left eye this time) the end of July and am seeing much better. My PN is improving as well, albeit slowly.

Thanks again for being there. I'll update the saga when I get any news. Such a bummer for these kids.