Allergies and blood sugar

Anyone else have problems with their blood sugar responding to allergies as if they are sick???

My allergies are horrible this spring (yes, we have Spring here in southern BC!) and so far I haven’t found a way to really control them. In previous years antihistamines took care of them so that I was just fine. Last spring I had to start using extra-strength antihistamines as the regular ones weren’t working … Now this year allergy season has started early, pollen counts are VERY HIGH and even extra-strength stuff is not helping at all. My GP just prescribed some nasal spray and eye drops which I am hoping will help. I used the nasal spray last night before bed and so far it hasn’t made a difference, but I am hoping it will build up over time.

My blood sugars have been terrible these past few weeks, and my endo and I both think it’s allergies. Even having put my I:C up and eating the same meals I usually do fine with I am spiking into the teens (200s-300s) after many meals. I also have random highs in the high teens (300-350) that come out of nowhere and are very frustrating. I can’t live with my blood sugars going crazy for the next four months! I have fall allergies as well but they aren’t nearly as bad (they used to be worse than spring, seems they have switched around now). I am going to see an allergy specialist again to talk about allergy shots, but I am scared they will have a horrible effect on my BG as well.

Anyone have a similar experience, or tips for how to help with horrible allergies??

I have allergies too…mostly from dust, heat, pollen and smoke (that may lead to trigger my asthma). I have requested my doctor to prescribed me an antihistamine that has no or minimal interaction with my diabetes meds(and preferably non drowsy too). She warned me against over the counter meds…that may indeed have a significant effect on our bs. I have read somewhere that Diphenhydramine can have the effect of lowering blood sugar levels and decongestants can release sugar into the blood stream and raise blood sugars. I have not tried it though. Its good that you are going to a specialist…they may best know =)