Almost Dying in Your Sleep = Scary

Last night sucked.

I'm not exaggerating on this one. I almost died last night. My blood sugar was low enough that I was cold sweating and completely unresponsive to my wife trying to wake me up at 0300. Somehow she was able to kick me hard enough to get me into a stuper and into the kitchen. I don't remember my wife talking to me or stumbling and bouncing off the walls. After nearly an entire bag of grapes, some skittles jelly beans, a half tub of peanut butter and 2 pieces of bread I started to pull out of it. 40 minutes after eating all of that my BG was...

Oh no! There was one horrible night like that for us too. Make sure to have an injection of Glucagon handy... sometimes that is the best way to go.

Yeah, glucagon, definitely.

You're right, so scary! I do the same as Shawnmarie, when I catch myself worrying about my life expectancy with diabetes and how my family would deal, I remind myself that any of us could get killed in an accident tomorrow....creepy that this thought would be comforting though huh? Just puts it in perspective I guess.

A low blood sugar is terrifying and I'm sorry that happened to you! How high did your you allow your blood sugar to go to before you made necessary corrections, if you don't mind my asking.

Scary. Waaay scary! be sure to keep a gluagon kit hands. I learned that one the hard way after a low or 2 like that!

This reminds me that I need to re-educate my wife on how to use glucagon. Every once in awhile she asks me. I've kinda thought that by switching to the pump, we wouldn't have a need for it. So far, I've been lucky, but your post reminds me that even if the odds are 1 in 1000 that something goes wrong, that's only three years' worth of nights.

I'm not going to give you advice.... you know what you need to do. I'm just glad that you made it through the night and are here to write this today. And you've done a service in giving people like me a bit of a kick-in-the-butt to be prepared.

Good to hear from you, but not this way! Glad you're here to post. As Scott said, thanks for the nudge. I, too, need to do some education - my daughter and son-in-law moved in a month ago, and he asked me today what to do if I pass out while I was having the adrenaline shakes from a 43. Guess I should have glucagon on hand, huh.

Terrifying! I've thought may times before sleep, I hope I wake up. When first diagnosed, my doctor instilled fear about overnight comas. Guess like most newbies I set the alarm to test in the middle of the night. Have to admit that didn't last long. Yay for your wonderful wife!

I'm very sorry to hear that, sounds like a very frightening experience. I have had diabetes for 5-6 years but have been lucky enough not to experience very bad lows yet. It goes to show you how unpredictable this disease is even when you think you have it under control.

I think I should probably have some glucagon in the house as well. I have had a couple of recent lows at night that scared us and I’m really trying to bring down the A1c below 7.0. I can usually tell when a low is coming and just got a cgm to assist. Not really sure yet on whether I can wear the cgm all the time yet…still budgeting the cost (and had to purchase a new pump two weeks after I got the cmg). Anyway, how long the does the glucagon last before it has to be replaced? I assume it is only needed under the circumstances described by SuFu where he could not be woken up? Considering how long I’ve had diabetes I should know this stuff!