Oh What A Night :(.... isn't that a song?

I did it. 13 years of Diabetes and I did it. I took 9 units of Humalog at night instead of my 9 units of Lantus that I normally do. :frowning: I was already super tired (obviously) and realized it as soon as I was done with the shot. I never take 9 units of Humalog normally with any meal- usually 7 max. And my blood sugar was 102 when I tested it, and it was 10pm at night- time for beddy-bye. I panicked at first, then had a huge glass of juice plus some sugar cereal. Then gave my husband the emergency glucose kit and a phone by our bed, just in case. I also stayed up reading on the internet about insulin overdosing. OH the night is not over. Then my son woke up at 1:30a with severe croop and I rushed him to the Childrens Hospital because he was not breathing well. We were there until 5am and he is dong much better. The irony is - first of all I was awake if anything were to happen to me and I was also in a hospital. What a way to spend the night with an “almost emergency” night!! PS- I’m fine, my son is fine. We are very tired though!

What a night! I am glad all is well! croop wow! did they give your son a nebulizer? I think the man up stairs was looking out for you and your son by keeping you up all night.
Have a safe weekend

Your Diabetic Buddy,

Wow Dana! What a night is right! I’m glad that you are both OK and I hope that you can get some more restful nights!!!

I have a friend who did the same thing! She spent the evening in the ER. I’m sure you’ll never do that again! I seem to remember in the olden days (60s) that different insulins came in different shaped bottles.

oh gosh - I am Marie’s friend who did it too, could blame the fact that I had been sick all day the day before, throwing up, and dehydrated all that day. I reached for my Lantus, picked up the Novolog, knew it said Novolog, drew up 30 units anyhow (I rarely take more than 5 of Novo but take 30 of Lantus), and shot myself anyhow. Realized I really did it as soon as I withdrew the needle, but too late. Crap, I thought - hadnt eaten in 2 days, how to get 300 carbs in on an empty nauseous stomach. Now the most embarrassing part is, I am a nurse! So when I got the the ER, and the ER nurse told me that she did the same thing to her husband the week before, I said, but I am a nurse… duh… so was she. Well, 4 hours on IV dextrose and only half a bolus - they let me go home. I keep my bottles in different containers, and I still messed up - lesson, when I don’t feel good, have someone else (dear hubby) check to make sure I grabbed the right container and bottle. From a nurse’s stand point, its actually a pretty common goof - glad you made it through your goof, and glad i made it thru mine!

Wow, thanks for everyones concern about me! It was such an usual event that night-thank goodness I realized it. My son is doing good too… a bit of a hoarse throat and cough. The heat here in Texas doesn’t help! Anyway, definitely a huge lesson learned!