Alternative Blood Sugar Testing Sites

Are They Safe and Accurate?

Personally, we have never used alternate sites, it worries me that our reading won’t be accurate especially before bolusing, but after reading the information below, we might try it. Our CDE has never even mentioned alternate site testing as an option, will ask in our appointment next week.

When Not to Use Alternative Site Testing
There are circumstances when alternative testing is not recommended. These include:

When you have just taken insulin
During or after exercise
If you feel you might be experiencing low blood sugar
When you are preparing to drive
When you are or suspect that you are ill
Do not use an alternative site unless you have discussed it with your doctor first and you are able to follow his recommendations.,
Do not use an alternative site unless it is identified in the instructions for your blood glucose meter.

I used my forearm for…I dont know how many years. I personally didnt see any difference from finger sticks.

And while we’re on the subject, let me stress, since youre asking, dont fall for the crap that forearm sticks are 15-20 minutes behind fingers. Its simply false. It is a medical FACT it take about 60-70 seconds for blood to make a FULL round trip through the body. The entire body.

So my advice is go for it :slight_smile: