Do you check your blood sugar in alternate sites?


Do you check your blood sugar in alternate sites?

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  • No

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Do you find it accurate?


I seem to recall a long while ago one of the meter companies–One Touch, maybe?–was pushing the idea that you could use spots other than your fingertips, back when not needing to have a huge blob of blood was a new thing. I think I tried forearms and heel of my hand, but found it awkward, painful and hard to get the blood on the strip, so I gave up. I do rotate my fingers though.


I remember BB King promoting alternate site testing. Like you, I tried a few times but it was painful for me and sometimes you suffered the pain from the lancet and it didn’t produce enough blood. I also tried the other side of the finger between the top of the fingernail and the first finger joint. Ouch!

I don’t test as much as I used to and the fingertips offer a reliable drop of blood.


Just my fingers. Use a different finger each day, so they have time to “recover”, but I test much less now with a CGM!


My daughter often uses her toes. Our nurse, however, says it’s not a good idea with the increased risk of nerve damage.


I used to but I found the results to be inaccurate and very hard to get an adequate blood sample.