Always going low

so i have struggled to get and maintain a steady control of bg levels, dr is even worried my hba1c of 4.3 is too low. but its all of sudden super bad at work I’m going low more than 6 times in 4 hrs i have drunk more than 5 litres of coke these past nights n i am always going low after dinner, trust me I’ve tried everything, the only way i wasn’t going low in the mornings is if i reach something like 14.5mmol during the night, last night i went to sleep at 11.4mmol following an extensive low episode. Its just, I’m so sick of eating all of the time why can’t i hold my sugars?? also i haven’t had any type of insulin in over a week, and i can feel my lows like i was at 9.3mmol then bang 10mins later i was 3.6mmol well ■■■■, so I’m so sick of dealing with this.

so is there anyone who has been through something similar or advice maybe…sorry for the rant

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You say you are not on insulin. Are you any medications like sulfonylureas? These can cause lows.

Your “label” indicates that you are Type 1 or LADA. And you haven’t taken any insulin for over a week? What blood-sugar lowering medication are you currently taking? Without this basic information, I’m not sure how anyone can possibly hazard a guess regarding making a suggestion…

true, i’m on short acting novo rapid and lantus usually except for lately

Wow. Well, I have had two episodes after remodeling my house (basically a really prolonged intense workout) that I stopped my insulin for two days otherwise I was going low unless I ate. The first time I was on Lantus and Humalog, and didn’t take my lantus the night after, nor Humalog for any meals. On day 3 my BGs started to spike again and I resumed normal dosing of both insulins. The second time I was on a pump, and stopped both my basal insulin and dosed 1/4 the amount for a large meal for about 2 days.

It is worth noting that it looks like we were both diagnosed about 2 years ago, and likely still have a small amount of insulin production.

However, it is the going low even without insulin that has me worried for you (if you truly haven’t taken insulin in several days and are going low still). Not to completely scare you, and of course I have no idea if this is something you could have, but I work in a veterinary hospital. I have seen dogs come in with low BGs and no insulin use and they always either have an infection (sepsis - but I assume you would know if you felt sick) or they have an insulin producing tumor called an insulinoma. Regardless of the cause, going low for no reason without insulin is not good. Perhaps you need an ER to get worked up for something serious. I wish you luck in getting this sorted out.

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oh wow yeah, na I’m not sick, it is interesting that maybe as you say i still have some insulin production but like why all of a sudden is what I’m really confused about, and working with a doctor who only works with type 2 patients is challenging

How long has this been happening? What were your numbers like before these episodes? How were you diagnosed? Were you tested for antibodies?

More information might be helpful. If you didn’t tell me you were a diabetic, I would say that you have chronic hypoglycemia. Which is a thing.

On the most basic level, there is something wrong with the function of your pancreas. Is it possible that there is actually something physically wrong with it (besides having an immune system destroying cells it produces)?

length is 1 week and a half, before in the mornings i was from 5-9 lunch 6-11 and dinner 8-11 ish, i was in ketoacidosis 23.mmol and no. i am actually inclined to go to the hospital because i actually can’t put up with this, I’m not sure i saw my doctor who told me that it was basically just in my head me getting so anxious about my sugars that they’re dropping constantly, well i could have spat in his face, endo apt is being pushed back because I’m not classified as being sick enough because my hba1c is fine along with thyroid function so yeh

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I’ve never had this happen exactly, but when I was first diagnosed at 19, I was on insulin for 1 and 1/2 years. I was diagnosed with blood sugars over 800. After that time period, I ended up not needing insulin for a long time (probably ten years?) and my autoimmune panels came back clear (although my GAD was not run at the time). So I was rediagnosed as Type 2.
In January, I went into Lactic Acidosis. I had been on Metformin, was having significant trouble with my blood sugar, and had a kidney stone/infection. I was put back on insulin by the ER and my NP, and instructed to see an Endo.
My Endo PA ran a full autoimmune panel, and I turned up with antibodies again. I was diagnosed again with type 1/LADA. My endo was shocked as she had never seen this before, and thought I was Type 2 because of my weight.
You are not alone, and I would keep working with your endo to straighten out your dosing. Diabetes is a fickle disease, and everyone is different. Good luck!

I don’t know what is going on but I hope someone can help you. I’m having terrible trouble with my bg also with lows or crashes really because I never let it get truly low usually when I eat and then high most of the time no matter what I do. The only thing I can think of is you are producing some insulin maybe? Or what someone suggested below, an insulin producing tumor, which seems rare? Or you could be type 2 ketosis prone- their insulin needs wax and wane and at some times they don’t need insulin.

I think the OP must be producing insulin. A Type 1 not producing insulin would not be able to go a day without insulin and maintain normal blood sugars much less have low blood sugars with no insulin for over a week. I have no experiences to share (I’ve been on insulin continuously since I was diagnosed, even throughout my short honeymoon), but I think your endo brushing you off as “not sick enough” is totally crazy! Does he know you haven’t needed insulin for a week and a half and are still going low?!


yeah it’s been totally crazy, i ended up in hospital for a while but thing is everything is running normally and finally I’m stabilising, but the diabetes team i was with had never seen it before and issued a full blood work. My only reasoning for this is that i have officially ended my honeymoon period and my body was just pushing to the last of all the insulin it had, however my new endo does not totally agree, and we have theories but omg i am so happy I’m not going low anymore, thank you to everyone who replied and gave me enough courage to push past my doctor for a second opinion :slight_smile:


There are many types of diabetes. One type called “Ketosis Prone T2” presents where you suddenly go into DKA and can end up being diagnosed as T1. But then you recover and can stop insulin. It is thought that this is the type of diabetes Halle Berry has. This type of diabetes is prevalent in the African Americans and Latinos.

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Oh really I didn’t even know that was a thing! Yeh I don’t think that’s me as in currently using insulin

Check for celiac disease sometimes they go hand and hand with diabetes. Before I was diagnosed I was low all the time I could eat anything. I had to shut off my pump almost half the day. Even when I ate I just dropped low. It was really scary. Went gluten free now my body is absorbing food again :grinning: I didn’t have any celiac symptoms except anemia.