Lows all week

Hey there everyone.

Well, ok...maybe I'm just freaking out??

but I've been pretty low all week, like...under 90 all week.

I was diagnosed a little over a month ago.

So far the doc has me on 30units of Lantus everyday, which I just split into 20u in the morning

then 10u at bed.

then I take Novolog at my meals for carb intake.

I was using a sliding scale, but then switched to an I:C of 1 unit per 15g carb consumed

but, my numbers have been around 65-85 for like the last 3 days, pretty much every time I've checked my blood.

pre-meals, post meals, middle of the night...I cant seem to stay over 100 for the past few days.

would it be this change in my insulin thats doing it??

but the lows started about a day BEFORE i changed my insulin. like I said, am I just freaking out??

Maybe I should just wait a few more days and see if my numbers level out?

Dunno really, really I'm just a noob at diabetes, and I'm just a tad worried.

Have you gone through a “honey moon” stage already? Often times when people are newly diagnosed there is a period of time where their blood sugars run low. If not it is very possible it could be the new dose of insulin. I would call your doc and see what they suggest.It’s not good to be consistently low.Hope you figure out what it is,good luck.

Being consistently under 90 is not necessarily a bad thing. A BG anywhere between 70 to 90 fasting or before a meal is a really good thing. Personally, I don’t even worry if my BG is down between 60 and 70 premeal or fasting.

After a meal is a bit more tricky. It really depends upon how long after the meal and how stable your BG of 85 to 90 post meal is. If you’re crashing to 90 within an hour after a meal, it’s a good bet that you’re going to drop further, to below 70, and that’s where the real danger is, not necessarily being at 85 or 90 postmeal.

So, keep track of where your BG is and at what time postmeal to try to establish your BG profile. You’re doing the right thing in trying to tweak your carb and insulin intake to achieve good BGs. It takes time and work to dial in your doses.

You’re doing fine!!

Sounds like you could cut your basal insulin a little. You could make a call to your doc, tell him what’s up and see if he recommends cutting it back. You could do it gradually so not to swing the other way. Or you could change your carb ratio to something like 1unit:17g or 1unit:18g. It wouldn’t seem like it would make a difference, but it can add up and give you the little nudge that you need to make you just a little higher. Through the night, you might want to make sure you are having a little more protein with your snack before bedtime.

Have you been more active? Try keeping a log in these first months. You will be able to tell what changes you made to your meds, meal and activity that affect you the most.

Hey John like crystal said you might be in the honeymoon stage like me , I been having a lot of lows until I tweaked my insulin ratios . Do freak out Just keep track of carbs and insulin ratios then adjust it you will be alright also check with your Endo.

I was thinking of doing just that, cutting down on the Lantus. The Doc at the hospital told me to take 30 units every morning, I was doing that, but 2 days ago I switched it up and started doing 20 units in the morning, and 10 units at night.

As far as snacks go, I havent really been eating snacks. I’ve been eating 3 meals a day on a some what set schedule. Breakfast usually at like 7-7:30. Lunch usually between 1:30-2. Dinner then usually at like 7:30-80.
I usually try not to eat anything after dinner. Every now and then I’ll have a snack at night. but usually nothing between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner.

I would be ecstatic with those numbers! If you are worried, consult your doctor before you make big changes. 70 to 90 is generally considered very good, but maybe I am missing something.

As new as you are, please check with your doctor before you make changes, though. It isn’t something to fool with.

Check with your ENDO and CDE. My pump is set to always keep me between 90-100 all the time. When I was on MDI, I hated Lantus, too much IOB is not a good thing and it dictates when you can eat and absobtion is not very reliable(52%).
I hope you find out why your low and good luck

:frowning: I dont really have a Doc.
After I got outta the ICU, I got on some basic county coverage. Its kinda like a free clinic.
They are gunna cover my perscriptions, and if I wanna see a doc, I gotta make an appointment
and wait in line, see which ever doc is free…all that good stuff.
I dont really have access to an endo or any form of diabetes expert/doctor really
TuD is pretty much all I got for the moment.

That’ s interesting, when I took lantus I always just did one shot of it, as it is supposed to last for 24 hours. If you are staying above 65, seems like things may be okay. If you are concerned about lows, you could ask a doc/nurse about cutting back on the lantus a little. Start slow, like by 1 unit as you are probably pretty insulin sensitive right now.

Your numbers aren’t that low. If you already cut your Lantus back to 20 and 10 leave it alone for a few days. Since you don’t have a doc to speak to without a hassle, just make sure that your last BS at night isn’t too low, not under 100. If it is , have a 4oz or 6oz glass of fat free milk before you go to bed. Most of us here at TuD would love to have your BS numbers. You seem to be doing great. Don’t worry, everything will fall into place with a little time. I have days that I do not go over 100, I wish that I had more of them.

I did my Lantus (35u) in one shot at bed time. I found that Lantus with me gave a little peak between 6 and 8 hours. I was always low between 2 and 3 in the morning. I usually slept through it and woke up with a 250 to start my day.

I have heard of split dosing and how it can have a longer effectiveness. But when I was on Lantus I had one dose at night so I can’t give you much advice on that. I think you are doing right about being consistent with your meal times right now. That’s on less variable until you get your dosing at a good level for you.

60-85 aren’t terrible numbers. I try to live by the not below 70 rule so if I do slip a little it’s still not too low. But your body might not be use to being that low. I remember in the beginning It made me feel really jumpy to be below 85. You also want it above 100 before bedtime. The only other thing I would mention regarding blood sugar levels is about driving, my endo has always said to check before you drive and be over 100.

There is a good book that I read upon recommendations from others here. It’s called Think Like a Pancreas. Very good resource. You might be able to find it in the library. Hope you find a happy medium soon. It can be frustrating.

LOL Sunny! My thoughts exactly! My initial reaction was, "Wow! I am so jealous! I would LOVE to have those numbers!

I am not exactly sure how the county coverage works but remember that Keith Olbermen on MSNBC has been involved in raising money for clinics. I think this is the National Association of Free Clinics.


Don’t know if this would help, but you might take a look and see.

Chris chack your carb counting with the unit of Novolog that your thating maybe to much Novolog with the carbs. When I was on Lantis I took one shot in the morning and humalog with meals . I would get lows from miscounting my carbs and too much Humolog .

Check your carb counting and try to talk to a doc.
Good luck hope this helps it did for me

Hmmm. Well it sounds to me like maybe too much insulin, long-term and maybe meal as well. But, if you’re not having hypos, it’s probably ok. I’m really sensitive to insulin and I start to feel funny when I go under 90, not a hypo but I feel my BG dropping… Also I found that it’s a rare occasion that I can tolerate 2 units for meals, 1 1/2 works best, but I’m not eating high carb.

I also found that if I adjusted my Lantus down by 1 unit till it worked better for me (not too low) throughout the day, and also figured out by trial and error when I needed more insulin for meals based on my pre-meal test plus factoring in whether the carbs I was going to eat brought me higher or lower (pasta is worse than potatoes!), I seemed to get it to where I’m more comfortable and not getting hypos nor highs.

The point is that you have to work a little with the dosage. As said in other discussions here, you are your own guinea pig experiment. Fun, huh? But I have faith you’ll figure it out. Pay attention to what your body is doing most of all. Everyone’s works differently.

Adjust your insulin downward if you are dropping too low. If you see a pattern over two or three days lower or higher, at all hours of the day and night, adjust your insulin. First, figure out if it is your basal insulin (Lantus) that needs to be adjusted. 90 to 100 is a great blood sugar number but only if there is no active insulin working. If you are 90 to 100 all night long, after your mealtime insulin has worn off, that’s perfect, and your Lantus dosage is correct overnight. Do a fasting basal during the days to see if your numbers are too high or if you are dropping. In the absence of food, if you are dropping, your Lantus will need to be reduced. If all is well, basal-wise, and your numbers hold steady at 70 to 100, you will be adjusting for highs and lows by changing your ICR. But you need to know your basals are holding steady first.