Todays endo appointment was AMAZING!

I printed out b/w tidepool for 2 weeks, dexcom for the month, and hand wrote insulin for 2 weeks.

Doc walks in with his own Clarity report and says I kid you not something like “this looks so amazing that I should frame it!”

I told him it was all thanks to Loop. He said he heard something about it and wanted to know more!

I gave him the web site and told him all data uploads to tidepool.

He was so intrigued that he said he has 1 other that’s on it but he knows that 670 is the only choice right now and might want to offer something different to his patients!

He actually asked me if I’d want to teach a class! I didn’t know what to say but I’m thinking about it!

There is actually a facebook group with parents of T1 kids locally here in St. Louis MO that has meet ups every so often so I may get with them and see if we can do something together. I have no clue how to lead a class but I’m flattered!

If anyone has any ideas, fliers, etc. that would be helpful.

I was actually thinking of bringing ingredients for chaffles and making those as a snack. Perhaps I can get a local grocery store to donate depending on how many show up and the venue.

The facebook group uses the library conference rooms which are free if you don’t sell anything, or so I’ve heard.


7 exclamation marks. I guess you are excited. LOL! I’ve never been all that excited to see a doc–glad you are having fun.

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Do IT!!! Do it! Do It! (chanting and egging you on)


Doesn’t he know about Tandem T-slim?

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I’m sure he does but he’s talking automated like loop and 670. Tslim is close but not fully automated yet.

I would expect my endo to tell me whats in the pipe, even if not available yet. My endo has already mentioned Tslim to me.

The t:slim is not a hybrid but the IQ is. It does the same as the Medtronic 670 but with less work.
And yes my doctor also talks about new stuff coming down the pipeline. Tandem has a much smaller one in study, Lilly is working on one. There are so many options coming.
And all the reports I see from our loopers are amazing! If only I could have found one of those magic pumps before I get my new Tandem! But I think with Tandems next download, I will be very, very close!

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I don’t know how we are going to keep on top of all this new tech. We almost need more diabetics. Or, to fill out some kinda worksheet in our profile with all the different tech we use. Its getting tricky.


I volunteer…me to be the guinea pig, lol!

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There you are, El_Ver. I was wondering about where you were. Hadn’t see you lately.
Movie starring El_Ver, here. Of course, he can’t be tamed.


Oddly enough, the resemblance is striking! Thx @mohe0001 :sunglasses:


@BradP That is so cool!! I’m a retired Navy Project Manager and have done dozens of briefings If you want help I can be your clerk to help draft, edit, or proof your teaching ideas into handouts, graphics, PowerPoints, PDFs, etc. Whatever would help you out.


@obxdiva: Thanks for the offer. I haven’t had a chance to contact the local FB group yet so unsure what they might have idea wise. My doc and I just spoke briefly about it and he’s not even aware of my interest yet. I’m kind a scared actually because I have no idea where to start. I don’t know the audience, how many or any details. But I could definitely use some help.

Hey @BradP, dont forget to put your Doc on the list of loop supportive Docs for anyone in your town that might be looking.

@BradP @MM1

Tandem’s Basal-IQ is not the same as the Medtronic 670G…and lets hope that Tandem’s Control-IQ is not the same as the Medtronic 670G either!!

I will be very disappointed if this is the case!!

Tandem’s Control-IQ was submitted to the FDA for approval back in August.

I would assume it is pre-approval submission and not a CBE-30, CBE-60, or CBE-90 type submission.

One of the reasons I expect Tandem’s Control IQ to be significantly better than the Medtronic 670, is the source of the CGM data: Tandem’s algorithm is informed by the Dexcom G6, which is a significantly more accurate CGM.


@askmanny It brought a smile to my face to see your image and name! I hope all is well with you and yours!

Thank you, @Tapestry! I hadn’t been by in a while. Life’s good. My son is now a Junior i. HS: time flies!! :slight_smile: