Soon to be pumping :-D

Had my first appointment with a new endo and it was extremely successful!! She was positive and actually listened to what I have been doing to keep myself healthy. But I think the best part was when she asked me if I was interested in getting a pump!! This appointment was the complete opposite of my last attempt at finding myself an endo. I will be contacting the rep and getting this process started

Cool, Congrats!!
What pump are you getting?

That's awesome! I'm glad you found a doctor who wasn't an endork!

I hit some turbulence a few years ago and took the pump plunge and have been thrilled that I did. It made a huge difference for me and has made diabetes much less work. It does a "TON" of work for me that I had never done and helped me take my BG management, among other things, to the next level. I hope you like yours as much as I do!!

You won't regret it. My endo suggested the same thing 3 months ago and it's made a huge difference in my "stability."

I want the tslim and the decon cgm

Awesome! make sure to join our Tslim and dexcom groups for tons of support!!

This appointment was the exact opposite of the first and last endo I tried. And with as crazy as my schedule will be once I get back into my grad program any extra flexibility will help. She was recommending the Medtronic system, however after doing my own research I explained that tslim would be more suited to my lifestyle (I have a lot of accidents, most recently I spilled my niece’s orange juice all over myself and bed. I pushed for a pump that can hold it’s own against my clumsiness with fluids).