Amylin resistant?

20yrs. old
approaching 2-yr mark of diagnosis.
TDD: about 20-30u
5’6", about 150-155 lbs.
OmniPod, Dexcom.

Started Symlin 4/1/10 to help with appetite management and postprandials.
Originally cut I:C in half
At 60mcg after beginning at 15mcg… moved up dose each week.
injections in fatty tissue of stomach

No nausea, no true ‘full’ feeling, some stinging at injection site (expected, I know), I:C ratios back to normal (100% bolus necessary) no hypos.

The only thing I can think of is that the mini B&D pen needles I’m using aren’t long enough? But if I’m feeling the injection…

If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I’m desperate for feedback and help!

Are you type 1 or type 2 diabetic? My Endo told me that the dose for type 1 and type 2 is different. Talk with your doctor about the right pen needle length for you. I was on Symlin for about a month before I started to notice any changes for the better. Hang in there. :slight_smile:

Hi there -

Have you read through Jason’s Guide on Symlin? Even though he was a T1, he was using 120 mcg. 60 may not be enough for you.

Hi Cheri- I have read through his guide. I think I’ll read through it again tonight. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi Mayumi- I’m type 1. Thanks for the encouragement. I know that sticking with it is more than worth it. I’d just like some positive feedback from my body, ya know?!? Thanks-

My experiences are much the same, I think. I only ‘feel’ the symlin if I haven’t taken it the day before (I don’t feel nauseous or the unpleasant full feeling anymore). But, my BG (essentially using Jason’s guide) are still under tighter control. My BG I:C ratio didn’t change, just the rate in which I take it. Also the rate was 1.5 hr, now I’m down to 30 min “infusions” - i.e. without symlin I take 1/2 the bolus 30 min before eating and the other 1/2 over those 30 min. With symlin I used to take the “bolus” as an infusion over 1.5 hr beginning right before eating. That time has decreased so now I take the whole ‘bolus’ as a 30 min infusion beginning right before eating. The symlin I take 30 seconds before starting the bolus.
This change has occurred over about 3 months.

I just started Symlin last month and was up to 120 mcg/3x day by day 3 - no nausea, no real dramatic effect. I’m a type I, but am also insulin resistant, so I’m thinking I might also be amlyin resistant too. Anway, after being on it for almost a month now I’ve noticed a lot of subtle changes - positive changes! My appetite has been reduced, but not in a dramatic way - more of a “I’m done and don’t want any more food now” way…a feeling I haven’t had since I was 10 years old (before I was diagnosed). So I’ve lost 6 lbs without even really noticing! I do get a little nasuea in the mornings once in a while after injecting - but not all the time and not much. I don’t obssess about food all day long like I have for the past 16 years! hahaha! That is probably the best benefit I’ve noticed - just being satisfied and not thinking about food ALL THE TIME. I’m also expirimenting with using Symlin with exercise. I’ve gone low a couple times about 15 min after injecting Symlin before a meal, but had no trouble coming back up - so I’m more comfortable/confident with expirimenting with it around exercise.

Anyway, just wanted to put my two cents in, that basically I was expecting all sorts of dramatic changes: dramatic nausea, dramatic lows, dramatic appetite reduction, dramatic increase in insulin sensitivity and instead the changes have been very subtle. It might take a while to notice and evaluate the changes - so give it a fair chance for a couple months and see if you notice any delicate changes! Good luck and I hope it’s going well so far!