Just started symlin

hi everyone! This may sound strange but i’m kinda a mixed diabetic. I was diagnosed at a Type 2 age 21 about 6 years ago. Now a dr. that i’m seeing now tested me and she said i’m mostly a type 1 but make a little bit of insulin on my own.
Anyways i have been taking Lantus and Apridra shots. And just wasn’t loosing the weight like i want and felt like i ate all the time. I just started the symlin this morning 15mcg and then i see my dr. in 2 weeks. My last A1c was 6.3. Just wanted to introudce myself and get some support.
Also is there anyone else that takes shots and not on a pump? I was reading a few posts and don’t understand the pump language lol.

Symlin will definitely help with the appetite and satiety issues. Work up to 120mcg if you can- that will give you the best results. The weight loss can be rather profound, which appears to be what you are looking for. I have a 2 part, soon to be 3 part Symlin guide on my blog here. It is for Type 1s but you can probably get a lot out of the discussions.

I am a T1 and usually I use a pump, but have used symlin while off the pump too (not long) but had to make those changes so if you have a question might be able to answer it in non pump lingo

Ok i’ve taken 2 doses total today…my sugars have been all over the place too. Right now i feel a little like when i have a low sugar reading but i just took it and it said it was 224! It’s not unusual for me to have some highs like that normally on my apidra though. I just hope i can get the knack of it though and i that i don’t get too nauseous or anything.

Whne I was doing the shots–I didnt change my long acting. The short acting that I took with my meals I cut in half…checked in one hour…if over 180 gave 1/2 the remaining half…then checked again in one hour if not down to 140–tookthe rest (I only needed this a few times that I had eaten out and WAGged the carbs) Never had any nausea

Welcome! I am in a simular boat as you. I also take Apidra, Lantus, and Symlin. I am up to 120mcg and it works most of the time. The idea was to stop the highs. I do get a very full feeling after taking the Symlin. I also have to take it right before eating or I won’t want to eat. I still take Apidra if I am having a lot of carbs (half my normal dose), and if I have a carb snack I will take Apidra. I started at 60mcg and then progressed to 120 after 2 weeks. I am still seeing some BG over 200, but not near as many. I am a type 2, but like you, close to a 1. I think I am a 1 1/2!!
Good luck and keep us posted.