An Amateur Mistake

Last night I tested before dinner and was 121. Two hours after an unexceptional meal: 328. Huh?? I washed my hands but got the same result. I chalked it up to one of those bizarre D moments and did the correction.

The last few weeks I have been drinking Hansen’s Natural Sparkling Waters: sugar-free and no carbs. I looked at the can last night and noticed the version I was drinking was not sugar-free and “made with real cane sugar”. Oops. The packaging is very similar and I must have grabbed the wrong drink off the shelf.

That explains the 328 and also why the drink tasted that good. It does not explain how I made such an amateur mistake.

Oh, I hate it when that happens! A few times I’ve gotten fountain drinks that I just knew were not sugar free but the employee of the place insisted they were. Two hours later, an exceptionally high reading after dinner of salad and the drink proved I was right. I guess it goes to show we should never drink fountain drinks…and we should ALWAYS check the can or bottle twice to make sure it’s sugar free. :wink:

When I get fast food, I always watch them pour my drink like a hawk for that very reason!

I can usually tell the difference in taste.The sugar drinks seem to taste sweeter to me than the aspartame ones.

It can happen to the best of us!! I always check the carb count on the drink before I open it, even if it’s something that I often drink. There are so many “all natural” “water-like” drinks out there… filled with carbs :frowning:

I also watch at fast food restaurants to make sure they pushed diet!!

I would rather eat a huge piece of cake than drink a regular soda or carb filled water!