An insurance complaint

Hi guys! Maybe you guys can explain this to me. Normally when I get my freestyle teststrips, I get 4 boxes of 100. I know that is quite a lot, but I do test alot using my Cozmo. I recently got the Freestyle Navigator too. The pharmacist told me that my insurance company is wanting to give me 200 strips or 2 boxes or they are asking me to switch to ACU-check or One Touch.

My question is why did my insurance company pay for me to get the Deltec Cozmo with the cozmonitor if now they are going to complain about the strips and try to change my prescription?
Last night I was ready to send my Cozmonitor and my Navigatior back. (Don’t misunderstand, I love my Cozmo). I did order a one touch new purple monitor, because I am sick and tired of having this fight with my insurance company. If I am trying to do these things to maintain and lower my HBA1C, how can they do this? Thank you for sharing and I hope everyone is doing well.

I have both the Cozmo and the Navigator. And faced the same issue as you, Heather. But your endo can request and get pre-authorization for the strips you need that are crucial to your pump therapy. DO NOT let them bully you into switching to a meter unsupported by your treatment therapy. I promise you can fight it. I got auth for 400 strips a month - twice the allowed amount for my insurance. Let me see if I can find the links to figure out what you need. What insurance do you have, if you don’t mind my asking?

Okay, here’s one example form for a quantity edit. You would need to find the one for YOUR insurance provider, but it’s a start. This is all I had to go off of when I started with my company - an example form from a BCBS in another state.

Sometimes insurance companies will only cover use of one type of strip for use at a time. At least that is the way it is with mine. BCBS. All my back up meters are the One Touch Ultra Smart that I use or other One Touch that they have sent me.

Sorry…Blue Cross Blue Sheild

I just joined TuDiabetes and have read a few different discussions; am already thrilled to have this site available to me. I also have a Deltec Cozmo (although my warranty has expired) and bought the Free Style glucose meter that is attachable to the pump. My insurance company at first covered the test strips with no problem - then, one day, they decided that ACU-check was what I needed to use. I called my doctor, and then called the nurse administrator at the insurance company (Priority Health in Michigan). After speaking with her about why I needed to continue using the FreeStyle test strips, an exception was made on my file and they do cover the FreeStyles now.
I had a different problem with my medical supply company. Because the Cozmo is no longer being made, they decided NOT to carry the Cleo infusion sets which I have used for years and sent me a different infusion (Animas) set which I really did not like. After attempting to make them happy with that change, I decided that I would contact them and either have them get me the Cleo sets I wanted, or I would change distributors. They "found" a supplier for me and now I have the Cleo sets again.
Life is not easy sometimes and you have to fight for what you think is correct or right. I have had Type 1 diabetes for 48 years now and originally started out with the shots, moved to the pens, and now (THANK GOD) have the pump. It does make life somewhat easier.