One Touch Strips/ Ultra link meter

I just recieved my ultra link meter and my coupon for a free ultra smart meter. The only
problem is my insurance doesn’t cover one touch strips. I wrote a letter of appeal to the insurance company today. Has anyone else had this trouble getting one touch strips ?


i have not. The ultra meter works well but if I had to buy my own strips I would be most unhappy.

My insurance will cover it, but it is about a $ 50 copay. My strips now have a $5 copay.

We called our insurance company because they claim to have the lowest copay. They told us that we would have to go to a certified hospital type pharmacy. Im not quite sure what is going on because my mom is a pharmacy tech and she is dealing with it. Im am just lucky because everyone at my moms work loves me and they just gave me the strips because they really thought I should be using the benifits of the pump and the meter.

My insurance company is really good about everything and adding exceptions.

I have never been denied One Touch strips but I have been denied Freestyle. If you call One Touch they will give you sample strips until your insurance approves it.

Thanks everyone for the replies.


I had no idea insurance companies even covered testing supplies?

I guess I should check and see if my insurance covers my strips. I have been spening 30 dollars a refill for my strips.

My insurance covers two brands of test strips. Therefore I buy one of those brands. Your insurance company probably has a deal with some other company to buy their test strips at a lower cost- and since the ultras aren’t more accurate, you might as well go with the one that your insurance pays for.

I think the one touch strips are very accurate.