An omnipod user switching to medtronic?

Hey you diabetics! Im an Omnipod user and I love it and all but I dont think its best for me. I am now switching over to Medtronic because they have a new programm where I can upgrade for FREE. I just wanted to get advice, How do you medtronic users like it? what are the down falls and what are the good things about it?

Since I’ve only use the MM, I can’t compare. Here are some things to watch out for:

  1. Tube can sometimes snag on things like door hands and drawer handles. This is an infrequent occurrence, but when it happens it happens at the most inconvenient times, generally when you’re naked or nearly naked in the bathroom and in a hurry to get dressed and go out somewhere. Nothing gets hurt if you pull your cannulus out, it’s just annoying.

  2. Tangled up in bed. 'nuff said.

  3. Finding enough infusion sites and its corollary, finding the right infusion set. I use two different types, the quickset and the sillouhette. Experiment. Ask MM to send you different sets so you can try them out. They’ll likely start you with the quickset which enters at a 90 degree angle. If you’re thin without a lot of padding between the skin and the muscle, the quickset is not for you. Also experiment with different tube lengths. I prefer the longer one, 43", over the shorter 23". Some infusion sets only come with one length.

  4. If you remove the pump for swimming, bathing or showering remember to reconnect it and TURN IT BACK ON!!

Enjoy your new pump!


I was happy with the pods I just got really bad Customer service from them and I wasted to much insulin in those pods and the pods are way to bulky for me.

From what I hear, when they send you a starter kit do you get two pumps? one for a back up?

Okay thank you!

I can’t think of any downfalls, other than it’s a device attached to your body and a bit different than the pod you are used to. The ability to manage and control this disease is the best thing about pumping, but any pump can give you those results. I have had a total of three Medtronic (aka minimed) pumps over nearly 20 years of pumping. They are incredibly dependable, durable, and work well past the warranty expiration, and the company is always available should you have any trouble. I’m not sure about that back up pump though, that’s news to me. The last good thing about Medtronic is they are the industry leader for insulin pumps so they probably aren’t going anywhere!

I am super excited about the switch, I just hope im not dissapointed!

Hi Kenny!

I recently switched to MM from Cozmo. I like BOTH pumps. But I have to admit that I am a creature of habit. So when I got used to how to do things on my Cozmo… at first I didn’t like the MM (just because it was different). But after time, I figured out how to do things on the MM. Now I have switched back to using my Cozmo for some time and I actually miss the MM.

All pumps are “good” in my opinion. I just wanted to warn you that you might miss certain things about the Omnipod, but you will find your way with your MM too, I think! Give yourself some time to adjust :slight_smile: Glad that you are excited!

Wow, 12 hours?! thats insane haha im so anxious to start! Are tubes a BIG deal? or do people hype it up alot?

Hey Kenny! I haven’t had any snags with my tubing but I only use the 23" and keep it tucked in my pants. The biggest issue with the tubing is air bubbles. If you don’t notice when you have air in your tubing you can go high really quick. I look really close a couple times a day for any bubbles and if found have to bolus it out, if that makes sense. Once I had to deliver 11 units just to get it out, which can be a pain. Never had any issues with kinking the tubing either and I am very active. I would say the best thing for myself anyways is the easy bolus with the pump on vibe, I love it!

I have had the Medtronic Paradigm 722 for 4 1/2 years and should be receiving their CGM pump within about 2 weeks, so I personally love Medtronic. I think I put more thought into picking my pump at least this second time, than I did picking my husband! Just kidding! As far as the tubing, if you keep in tucked in a pocket it isn’t a big deal, I work with Ahlzheimer’s pt.'s who have grabbed it and not had a clue what they are doing and never had any problems, I have only accidently pulled an infusion set out once. I did have a problem where the batteries were draining within hours of being put into the pump I called customer service, and I had a brand new pump to be within 8 hours of my call. They have amazing customer service!

I actually just switched from the Omnipod to the MM. So far, I am very happy with the pump, and the service they offer(Insulet was good too, though).

The tubing is not a big deal at all. There have been a few times I unclipped my pump, and forgot to put it back on…thus, when I stood up(after relaxing on the couch) my pump went bungy jumping(I use 23inch length tubing…so my site stopped its downfall). That is just human error LOL

Honestly, I feel I have less on me now, then I did with the Omnipod. I think it is because the actual ‘site’ is smaller, the pump just goes in my pocket.

It is a great pump. I am definitely happy with it. Good luck!

For me, I just get used to the tubing. Now it would be strange if it wasn’t there. It’s like asking if sleeves of a shirt get in your way. They don’t because you are use to them. The tubing will be the same way! Don’t worry…

I use the MM 722 - As for sleeping with it, there’s a waist pouch you can buy I put the pump in the waist pouch, move the pump to where it is comfortable and sleep - tuck the tubing in your shorts

Also there’s an item called invisapump and you can use that when you go out on a date :slight_smile:

If you need any information let me know, I’d me more than glad to help you.

We switched from Animas (latest version before Ping) to Medtronic Paradigm pump because endo prescribed cgms and none of the other pumps had it. We have not been using cgms lately but we really will be jumping back on the cgms bandwagon… just stalling, LOL. Let me tell you my experience with the two pump companies. Firstly, my niece’s Animas was not working properly and we sent it back two weeks after purchase. I had to fight like a wildwoman to get a new pump, as it is their policy, as is the policy with all pump companies, to send refurbished pumps. I felt this was a brand new pump, a lemon, and they should have replaced a two week use with a new pump. Eventually, they did give us a new Animas pump. Contrast this with Minimed. Last week, after a year and a half of use, her battery cap had been tightened to the degree that nothing – and I mean NOTHING – would open that pump. I begged the Minimed rep to let us keep our pump, as I had had problems with refurbished Animas pumps in the past (yes, we had to replace her Animas three more times in two years of use). I told him we would just use our Animas (which is still working) until he returned our particular pump. He told me he could not do it. I told him I did not see why not and was miffed, but accepted what he had to say. I hung up. He called me BACK, saying he had spoken to his supervisor and, because of our problems in the past, he sent us a BRAND NEW PUMP! Now our warranty with MM is up December 2011. For us, Minimed has been a RELIABLE pump, no problems, no malfunctions and has given her a reliable flow of insulin. This pump is her lifeline. If she goes high on this Minimed pump, it is her basals, not a problem with the pump. At least so far. I hate the fact that you have to put in a fake blood sugar and fake 1gram carb amount so you can see insulin on board. Minimed does not show insulin on board on their screen; Animas they show it under Status 2, also not on the screen, but easier to get to. Minimed, it is easy to give a bolus, the calculation of insulin comes up on the screen, you just have to ACT to send the bolus through. With Animas, my niece was annoyed (though not when she first had it) at all the button pushing. She does not want to “dial in” the corrections and bolus calculations-- takes too much time. Minimed bolus delivery is slow, very slow, but that may be a good thing if you want to cancel for some reason. Their cgms and the software CARELINK, is extremely comprehensive. My only one major complaint is the size of the cgms introducer needle; I had expected that to be reduced by now. After all, many pediatric patients are using the cgms device. Minimed puts a heck of a lot of money back into research and I am not sure the other pump companies do. We were very annoyed with the endo group here in our town, because they will only allow their patients to use the Minimed and will not support other pumps. I am not sure this is even legal, but that is how strongly they feel about the product. I’m not saying she, as a young adult or when she becomes a teen, will never ever try another pump – and if MM does not reduce the size of the cgms needle – she will be trying the Dexcom cgms – but we will always have the Minimed pump as a back-up, just in case, and we are putting the Minimed as a rider to the house insurance. Her mother will not switch brands again ever.

Medtronic Customer Service – Let me also add that we called Medtronic pump support 7 PM Friday EVENING and they overnighted us a pump for SATURDAY MORNING DELIVERY! I also want to point out that the site on your body will be a smaller, comfortable site, the tubing leading to a pump that can easily go into a pant’s pocket. If you are upset about the tubing, you can cut a hole through your pant’s pocket and pull the tubing through that. There is also a tube guard somewhere on line to gather the tubing so it does not catch or snag on something. In addition, for adults, Minimed has a remote that you can give boluses with so you don’t have to pull out your pump and can keep it hidden if you wish. Not as comprehensive as the Omnipod or Ping remote but, if wearing cgms, you will need to look at the pump screen anyway.

Ahh thank you guys so much!

Do you guys have any good web sites where
I can get some cool accessories for the mm?

Im also getting the Silhouette Infusion Set, have you guys used that?
and Ill probably go with a 23’ tubes

You should try out different infusion sets. I used the Silhouette for years because that’s what they started me on.

Ask MM if they can send you a sample of different infusion sets so you can try each.

I am using 6mm Quick set (the 9mm one always kinked!) and I like them. I have heard that many people like the SureT.

Good to test the different kinds out!

Ill be sure to ask for samples.
How long have you guys gone without changing sites?
and do you guys use the real time CGMS?

They don’t have a lot of accessories so to say, but they do have some stuff in the Minimed store.

go to and click on ‘products’.

They have different pump cases, and they also offer skins for the pump. I currently have mine in the Hawaiian Skin.

Yes, I use the 13mm Sils. I prefer 23’ tubes as well…then again, I haven’t tried the longer one. I just worry about it being too much tubing!

I also use 6mm Quicksets, I switch between the two(there are some areas I do not feel comfortable putting a quickset in, so I will use a Sil instead).

I generally do site changes every 3-4 days.

Hi Kenny,
I just got my MM 722 a month ago. You only get one, but if something is wrong you get another one VERY VERY quickly. I had a cosmetic problem with mine and had a new one the next day. I’m not in love with it, but I am getting used to having something attached to me. I had gone from injections to this pump. Since you are already used to having something on you it probably won’t be a big deal.