And here come the lows

Well, after I changed my site last night (at like 8, I know I know), my insulin has been working just great. It was around 100 this morning, but then at about 10 am I felt low so checked and it was 54. I unplugged and drank 1/2 can of coke. Since I am not used to treating lows anymore, I wanted to make sure I hadn’t over treated so checked again around 11:30 and it was around 80! Phew, good. Well, then I got low again and it was 65, so I drank the rest of the coke at around 1:20 (I eat a late lunch). When I got back to work I checked and it was 101. So now I am eating my sandwhich, hoping that the sandwhich kicks in before my humolog!! I suppose for now, I would prefer that it be on the low side rather than the high side so my body can at least get somewhat regulated. I expected being low, anyway, since my pump is calibrated to give me more insulin than I need since my bs ran higher when I wasn’t in control. Questions: For those of you on pumps, do you find that your meal schedule is a lot more flexible, or do you still have to eat at about the same time everyday? I thought that with the pump, you couuld pretty much eat when you wanted?? Is that true? Why do lows make me want to eat everything in sight!?! Is it as hard a struggle for you to just eat what you need when low instead of EVERYTHING…and lots of it!?!