I am so frustrated!! My blood sugar has been high all day yesterday and this morning. I am taking the right amount of insulin and haven’t even eaten all that much. It has not been below like 240. It was 289 just now. Usually when I start to take care of myself again, it is contantly low due to my insulin pump being calibrated too high for what I take. So why isn’t it low now?? Maybe I need to change my pump site tonight when I get home from work and see if that helps.

Suzanne—i give this advice all the time - if you are high and dont know why—give yourself an injection to get your BS down. I always bolus via pump, but if i dont come down within 2 1/2 hours…i give an injection and then change my site asap. With and injection there are no worries – u will defintely get the insulin.

UGH!! I just checked again and it is exactly the same! 287. I gave 3 units of insulin and no change! I haven’t even eaten anything…I am definitely going to need to head home at lunch to take care of this!