And the winner is

I made this video to enter it into the Omnipod Video Contest! And I won runner up! YAY! There were so many good entries, I was honored to be chosen. I won a personalized Flip Video Camera, which I can’t complain about =) Thank you to all who viewed my video!!!

Congrats to Tara in first place and Caleb who was another runner up!

Nice Work Sugarbabie! Congrats!

Congratulations on your achievment!
Don’t you still have to carry your monitor with you?

I have to carry the PDM which is also the meter.

congratulations! great job

CONGRATS!..Job well done!

Congratulations Sugarbabie :slight_smile: I think you did a wonderful job on the Omnipod video.

Surgerbaby thats Awesome! Congratulations! I love your video. I like to make them also, but haven’t posted one yet. I use Final Cut Pro software on the Mac. What do you use?

We are all very PROUD of you! Way to go!

Thank you guys sooo much! I’m not much of a video savvy. All I did was take some video with my camera and took it into my computer’s video maker program that came with my laptop! I’m going to try to make some more soon, I enjoyed it =)

Great job1Keep up the good work!