Animas Battery Cap Recall

The following items have been recalled: Battery caps used with the OneTouch Ping System, Animas 2020 Insulin Pump, Animas IR1200 Insulin Pump, and Animas IR1250 Insulin Pump

According to the recall (posted yesterday), between August 18, 2008 and September 1, 2008, Animas sent letters to the patients by certified mail to inform them that the defective battery cap may not maintain contact with the pump’s battery compartment. As a result, the affected pump may inadvertently shut down. The company included replacement battery caps with the letter.

The company is continuing their efforts to contact all patients who have not acknowledged receipt of the letter.

For more information about this recall, please see the company’s recall announcement at:

Thanks to Bennet of YDMV for pointing this out in today’s blog.