Animas ping changed time after battery change

I am posting this here because I want to see replies directly to my question (rather than posting on the Animas group).

When I changed the battery in my Animas pump, all of a sudden the time changed from "am" to pm" - no reason for the time setting to change. I noticed it the next day when I used my pump to tell what time it was. I am glad I noticed fairly quickly (didn't think I had to check after the battery change process). This could have made for problems since I have different basal rates throughout the day and different carb to insulin ratios for the different times of the day. My plan is to keep tabs on things for a while since I am seriously considering getting a T-Slim. And so I don't want to replace my current pump and thus have a longer time to wait for the warranty to be over.

Has this happened to anyone else?

When I changed my battery the time defaulted to some other date, day, month, and year, and time. I did get my a.m. and p.m. basals mixed up. I had a hellacious low when sleeping.

Animas immediately replaced the pump for that. They wanted to know the details of my low since it was caused by the pump. I think they're required by the FDA to report adverse events.

I would call them, even if you intend to move to the tandem. That way you'll have a newer back-up pump. The warranty date is keyed to the purchase of your original Ping.

I read here about somebody else that went through that before it happened to me. Good luck.

I had been getting an instruction to re-set my time after my battery change and I just automatically did so, thinking it was normal procedure. Then I happened to be talking to Animas about something unrelated and mentioned this. They said that was a problem and could lead to my settings being wrong. I thought it was much ado about nothing as it always instructed me to set the time. But they insisted on sending me a new pump anyway. Since then (a couple years I guess) I've had no problems. I'll be getting my new Ping soon as I'm out of warranty now.

The same thing was happening to me as well, where it would reset to 1/1/07, and I would have to reset the time on it. I never brought it up to Animas, as I thought that was normal. When I had my pump replaced for corrosion issues in the battery compartment, I noticed that it held the time.

If I were you, I'd call Animas, and get a new pump. I know it's a pain, but after three months, and two battery changes, it's worth it.

As for the FDA thing, since it is out of Animas' control what happens when the battery is out, I don't think they have to report that, plus, the pump defaults to the time screen when you replace the battery, so that puts it on us to check it. If the clock were to magically switch time without our knowledge, or input, that would be another story.

Thanks everybody. I'll give Animas a call today (too bad it's Friday) Since it had never happened before, I thought it might be a problem.

I've been noticing this for the last 4 or 5 battery changes. The time & date are reset to the factory default 1/1/07 12am. Before that it only happened very occasionally. I've been meaning to call Animas but just putting it off.

Don't forget if you get an under warranty replacement pump the warranty does not restart just carries on with whatever is left from the original pump

I just called Animas, they are sending a replacement. I did have some adverse events since my daytime basals and ratios are different from my nighttime ones. I am still gonna try out T-Slim, I have a house on the market and once it is sold (it is in escrow so think positive thoughts for me) I'll use some of that $ to pay out of pocket for the T-Slim. My health plan covers T-Slim, so I should be good to go regarding supplies.

I called Animas today & they are sending me a new pump, should arrive Monday. There's no hurry as I just changed the battery & everything else is working fine. The helpful lady I spoke to explained that there is an internal battery in the Pump that keeps the time & anything else in volatile memory. Settings & history are all in static memory & are not affected.

I had this happen too. They told me there is an internal battery that dies and does not hold those settings. They replaced the pump right away.

I had this happen too. The pup worked fine - but good to know they were willing to replace it and did. :)