Annoying Phone Survey

So last week I received a letter from the Health Dept. of the State of Washington stating my phone number had been randomly selected for a survey, and that I should expect a call within a week. So last night I spent about 20 minutes on the phone answering some nice man’s questions. One of the questions was whether or not a doctor had ever told me I had diabetes. The next question was if I had ever had to take insulin. The thing that really annoyed me was that other than asking me if I had pregnancy related diabetes, he never asked what type of diabetes I had. He continued to ask me a few other diabetes questions, such as how many times I have my a1c done, or how often my doc checks my feet, but if the state of Washington wants some accurate feedback, they better ask the right questions. I’m tired of all diabetic being lumped into one category, and I told this poor nice gentleman so. At that he politely revealed that he is diabetic too, and completely understood. I wonder what this survey is being used for???

Interesting…probably just some health statistics reporting, but those questions sound like they will lead to strange results. I have also been annoyed when I feel lumped into a category. At work they are always talking about rising healthcare costs and how ‘chronic conditions’ like diabetes are the cause of the trouble, what with the hypertension, strokes, heart attacks, and so on. Clearly they are talking about Type 2 diabetes, but don’t make me and Type 1 (or the people with Type 2, for that matter) the bad guy in this.