Another annoyances, improvements for next generation thread

Exactly. The new version is 30% smaller than the original, so at 14% bigger it's still smaller than the old version.

Via Bluetooth, controlled by any device were software would be available.

Oops, 14 to 1 correction. 4 to 1 carb/insulin. I use a lot.

I second the annoyance of not having a choice about the 1.5 hr acknowledgment after pod switch. I've checked before the 1.5 hr., went to bed and woke up to a premature low battery from it vibrating all night long (mine is set to vibrate---I get tired of that alarm).

Also not a fan of not having a choice to change the 1 hr. alarm that a pod is expiring (or can I and I missed something?). How about alarm once, keep the warning on the PDM screen, but not repeat the alarm sound?

I also agree about it having the ability to identify trends, although again, no alarm sound...just some words on the screen will do for me.

These are good features don't get me wrong, but I'd like more choices.

While we are improving things, how about a food library that is much more complete, and one that accurately counts the carbs in commonly ingested foods? I never use the food library in the PDM because it is very limited and thus useless.

OmniPod and Dexcom jointly announced last week plans to integrate OmniPod data with Dexcom's mobile app platform, which is currently being developed. How this will be accomplished was not mentioned, but perhaps Bluetooth is in the future for OmniPod. There is a lot of buzz today about a "bionic pancreas" developed by a Boston University researcher that has been tested but is about two years (or more) away from approval. It uses Bluetooth and an iPhone to control insulin and glucagon delivery, along with continuous monitoring. One hurdle: glucagon currently costs about $100 per day. Hopefully, bluetooth and iDevice integration are realistic goals. Security is a huge issue, as someone could "hack" into your device with lethal consequences.

If history is any guide then all we will get is more beeping and more confirmation screens that cannot be disabled. The guy at the FDA must hate diabetics.

My sympathies, Scott. Thought you were a T2, like me. I've got the same IC, but enough function left to just barely handle basal.

Like you, I was 100U TDD for the first six months I was on the pod, as I was deliberately giving the beta cells a rest. Weaned off of exogenous basal a month or two ago, and that was enough to stretch me to 2.5-3 days, depending on what I eat.

While I can't say I foresaw this, but in retrospect we had it coming. In today's age of lawsuits about every little thing our devices/machines/food-labels/etc doesn't do for us and someone thinks it should, it's only fitting that makers of said devices and products continue to make them more and more annoying to the more awake of us that don't need baby sitting in order to use any piece of equipment. Add to that the growing noise about personal information safety (really? We're only human, and we're ALL human) the perceived need for consent on every move we make will most likely grow worse too.

(for sale: soap box, well used.)


A very definite second on the non-pod insulin counting issue. I scuba dive and I have to remove the pod then (pretty much all scuba exceeds 25ft). Managing the switch is a PITA.

One algorithmic issue is that if the pod isn't attached the basal isn't getting delivered. I manage that with a deliberately reduced Lantus dose if I'm going to be off-pod for more than a one dive (one hour), but the PDM doesn't know whether or not the bolus you deliver is meant to cover the basal or not. That one is pretty hard to explain, or understand, all the same I'd like an option, with appropriate 'black box' warnings if necessary to register the bolus.

The current behavior, where I do a blood test, confirm the bolus and it silently ignores it (even though I separately did a matching injection) is, I think, dangerous. I've also got no way to log the Lantus which is still in my body when I switch back to the pod, so I have to do some fairly complex math (or lots of tests) to handle this anyway.

I think this is pretty much a corner case though - people who have to regularly remove the pod for extended periods are relatively few. Much more annoying because it is, simply, annoying, is the waste of a blood test strip and your own life blood, every time the PDM asks you to confirm during a test.

It's not as though this isn't a simple, easily fixed, obvious, brain-dead-software-engineer-and-no-QA type bug. It would be really easy for Insulet to ask for the confirm *after* the blood test has been complete and only toss the results if ownership isn't confirmed. I'm still regularly losing test strips and blood because of this, six months after starting on the new pods.

John Bowler

The identity confirmation EVERY SINGLE TIME I TURN THE PDM ON is beyond obnoxious. Why should all of us have to suffer this "safety" feature for the very rare two-or-more OmniPod family where someone might accidentally (and quite unlikely) use the wrong PDM? Following this logic, every bottle of medicine dispensed at a pharmacy should require identity confirmation to make sure you aren't taking someone else's medicine.

The 1.5 hour post pod change alert has also got to go. I usually change my pod at night, and I stuff the PDM in one of my clothes drawers before bed so I can muffle that stupid alarm. Just dumb. Let me disable the 1.5 hour alarm and let me be a big boy.


Ditto! Confirm drives me bonkers. When I change my pod I don't want to have to hear it go off 1.5 hours after. I am usually in a meeting when it starts.


Fellow PWDs, it's been about 3 months now, so I'm going to extract out the individual suggestions over the weekend, post a summary here for everyone to review, then create an on-line survey that we can send members and other PWD's to to vote and prioritize. Then, send it off to Insulet!

Just thought of another from this weekend - I was at a football game that was outdoors and had to bolus for my meal. It was a sunny day and even in the shade I had trouble seeing the PDM screen. Why can't they make it like a Kindle book screen that is easy to read outdoors for us older folks with fading eyes!

Pressing the ? button for a couple of seconds switches the screen into bright mode.

Thank you!! I guess I should have read the manual.