Omnipod and the slow degradation of performance

I was on the old pod for about a year, then moved to the new pod last summer. I am about ready to scrap the darn thing as its not working for me the way I want it to.

Things started out well. I don't know that its a pod problem, might be a ME problem. At this point, I can expect in the absolute-best-case-scenario about 40-50 hours of pod use before the insulin stops working (getting delivered or absorbed?). In other words, on Day 3 I am always hyperglycemic, not because I need more insulin dialed up from the pump, but because that insulin is no longer being used effectively.

I have tried to adjust my expectation to the pump to be a 2-day device rather than 3. Of course, I am still getting errors and other funky things that happen. Last night I put on a pod, went out to dinner, and got an occlusion during my meal bolus. How much was delivered? Who knows. Oh yeah, my 350 reading a little later told me none.

I am actually preferring syringes and pens at this point to dealing with the hassle.

I know people have bad experiences with the pod, but has anyone had an experience like this with a shortening pod life?


Savage810 there are ppl that have to change every 2 days for this reason. Other reasons could be you received a bad batch, or you are filling it passed the 200 mark, bad site/over used. Could you try a different site that you have not used before? I hope that someone can suggest some helpful advice for you, good luck.

i KNOW EXACTLY How you feel, savage, I've had problems with the Omnipod since I started using it (in 2005). Just recently, my PDM crapped out (so I couldnt read it or send the pump any commands) and I ended up with a Heart Attack. Thank you very much...Insulet! I Had a mild heart attack and spent 3 days in the Hospital (It was very nice) now recovering nicely at hone. Insulet needs to work on its product...the concept is nice if they could just deliver!

My son experienced when he changed insulins from Novolog to Apidra. With the former system he had to change every two days to avoid hyperglycemia on day 3. This is not as problematic with the new Pods, but we still keep an eye out for elevated sugars on day three and don't hesitate to change the Pod if we see them,

I actually gave up and swithed to the Animas Ping for a while...hated the tubing. Then ...I swithed and tried the "Snap" pmp......again, could not adjust. I cant wait until a tubless option is the pumpthat Roche Labs is messing with right now.

I am so sorry to hear you had a heart attack, I am not sure how that is related to the performance of OmniPod though. I have had no bad experience with the pump at all. I have had 5 pods fail in the time I have been using the system, (1 year). I find the customer service people in Canada great also. If your from the states then maybe your PDM is different I am almost certain the pods would be the same. Sorry if I am stomping on your parade but I feel that the forums are to be informative and helpful. Criticism can be helpful and getting out frustration as well but I’m sorry I do not find your response very helpful nor is mine but had to mention something about blaming a product on something it is not directly involved.

Thanks for the reply. I don't think its a bad batch, as its been over a couple of shipments of pods. I am not overfilling the pod, in fact I have gone down to about 100-120 units per pod just to eliminate insulin waste. I have 4 sites I use (and plenty of room in those sites, I am not small).

Never had that issue. Other issues, but not that one. Lately the new pods have been extremely good to me. Have you recorded everything and had your Doctor take a look? Could be a lot of things, not just the pod. Your Doc will know a lot about these and other possible issues. If you occlude after 2+ days, you could have a blood disorder that might need treatment is my guess.

Sounds like it's not the pumps.... :P

Only way you could have a heart attack from insulin delivery is from too much insulin sending your BG way too low. Those are rare even. (or too high BG for a very very long time, like years....) If you couldn't control the pump, it wouldn't be giving too much, or at least if you had it set right and calculated right originally. Seems like a little reasoning issue, and blind blame.

Thank you for the sympathy wishes....those who did. And thank YOU Scott for the brilliant insigt that I was unaware of. Doctors say it was extremely high surgars for an extended period of time that was the culprit...couldnt work the pod as I couldnt see what was on the PDM. All I can say is...its over. The heart attack was NOT due to insulin delivery....(I never said it was).

Steve D, I’ll start by saying that I’m truly sorry that you had to go through a heart attack. I’m also very glad that you survived and still have your witts about you - I wish nobody ever had to go through such an experience.

I do, however, take exception to blaming someone/something else for it - especially when the Omnipod has done so much for so many people. I, for one, have nothing but praise for the device and the companies that supply and support it, though I can only speak from a Canadian perspetive. It’s been a life-changing experience, at times, I even feel like I’m not diabetic anymore. Having lived with this un-asked-for condition for almost 40 years, I’ve never felt better, nor ever had better control, despite my trying to keep the best control I can since neing diagnosed in the 70’s.

What I don’t want is for people to read these posts to get information and not try it because they’re scared. For me, and I’m certain many others, the device works incredibly well.

I appreciate opposing opinions, as not everybody is happy with everything and it’s important to get both sides of the fence when making a decision. But to blame the device or company for giving you a heart attack is like me blaming a dress because I would look stupid in it (and I most certainly would look stupid). Not everything works for everyone and we all have a choice. If I misunderstood your post and you didn’t blame Insulet, then I apologize, thats the way I read it.

Anyway, thanks for giving us the other side of the fence, and honestly, I’m glad you’re ok.

Thank You for your post and well wishes, Rob, I agree wholeheartedly with your views and with the feelings toward Insulet and the "blame game." I truly dont "blame" anyone for rhe crap that happened to me.....its just bad luck overall. Its unfortunate that I was depending upon a device that could not deliver for me...rhats all I meant. Best of luck to you!

You can rule in or out the potency of the insulin by simply drawing from the "bad" pod after you remove it (ostensibly because, even though it still had insulin and was apparently operating properly, your BG control was failing), and see if it's effective.

If not, the insulin's just not lasting three days for some reason, most likely heat.

Otherwise, if the insulin is still efficacious, it's most likely a siting issue.

No, you didn't say that verbatim, but you did say,

Just recently, my PDM crapped out (so I couldnt read it or send the pump any commands) and I ended up with a Heart Attack. Thank you very much...Insulet!
which sure read to me like blaming the insulin delivery issue (and Insulet) for your heart attack. Can you see how people might easily interpret your statement above that way?

Regardless, I hope you're recovering well! And if you feel the Omnipod was in any way a contributing factor, it's time to find another pump!

For me, and I'm certain many others, the device works incredibly well.

No...I did not say that, verbatim or othewise, Dave. Tell me how I did. And, to those who have made the Omnipod work for them, thats great! Kudos too them! I hope it works forever! I said it doesnt work for me, thats all!

I have reread your response and see now the confusion…hosever, I still maintain that I NEVER said or even implied that the Heart Attack was due to an “Overcelivery” of Insylin. I DID say that (MOST CERTAINLY) the doctor’s I have been dealing with (for the past 4-5 days…my endocrinologist and most recently my cardiologist together blame "bad control"and I most certainly “blame” that on Insulet__again…If it works for you- GREAT and God Bless you-I just am saying it doesnt work for ME(obviously)and I HAVE TRIED OTHER PUMPS (As I pointed out)and I couldnt find one I could work with! Lets just end this(call it a day)abd THANK YOU FOR THOUGHTFUL CONCERN.


Well my thread got never mind, I guess.