Another low Low

Out of the blue on friday, I tried to say something in class, and noticed I really had to concentrate to utter just a few words.
I checked my bg and was 2,1 - not an unusual number in my ‘low bg book’. (having lows about every other day - which is a lot less than I used to!)

I started eating my usual package of raisins when everything started to blur (not just my vision, but consciousness too).
I managed to ask a friend to get me some juice, and from here I don’t remember anything until I wake up in the room next door with two paramedics asking me what day it is…

(meanwhile, I’ve been told, my classmates had managed to get me wobbling to the other side of the classroom, put me on the floor and forced me to lie down, before I finally had a seizure.)

This is what I’ve been dreading all fall (when I had low’s 3-4 times a day), and it really wasn’t that bad (not that I’d want to repeat it!!) but with people being so helpful and with a low-hungover for just 2 days, I could’ve been much worse off (ref.blogpost july09).

The thing is, I have no idea what happened, can’t see why my bg plummeted in a matter of 12 minutes (from I checked till the paramedics got the call). I have been able to function down to 1.4 earlier, have even measured under 1.1 (although I was also hallusinating). But my sensitivity might be a bit higher now - although later the same day I measured 1.9!!

My bg was 3,1 when the medics got to me, and I was awake but unclear/foggy. I’ve never experienced being conscious but not present before, and it seemed to go on for quite some time. There’s even stuff I’ve forgotten that seemed clear at the time… As I refused to go to the hospital I had to stay in a bed in school for the rest of the day (in order not to be left alone) and so sleeping with a light migraine probably didn’t help on my memory.

I hope this was a one-time event, but am definelty getting hold of a glucogen shot asap.