Another one of my quick questions

I started taking 500mg of Metformin twice a day and have been having good morning fasting numbers (about 82) and my 1 hours have been ok as long as I don’t eat high carbs…

Today I went for bloodwork so had to fast for 12 hours. My bg just before the lab work was 135. I usually take by morning fasting when I wake up at 7am… this morning I took it at about 9am.

Any reason why my numbers would be about 40 points higher?

Thanks, Paul

For me, in the morning… my BG just keeps rising and rising, if I don’t eat. It’s mild dawn phenomenon. I curtail it sometimes by going for a walk as soon as I wake up, before I even eat anything…

One word: Dawn Phenomenon.

Oh, that’s two words :-).

In your case it seems rather mild. Taking the metformin probably helps a lot with keeping dawn phenomenon in check.

Dawn phenomenon usually occurs between 4-8am and many diabetics struggle with their worst numbers and are most insulin resistance in the morning therefore you should eat your least amount of carbs in the morning and eat as soon as possible… I on the other hand am the opposite I have to have all of my carbs by lunch time I struggle with my dinner/nighttime numbers.

This is exactly why I think that it’s stupid for doctors to order fasting BGs in already-diagnosed diabetics.

Yes, I know my Dr will tell me that my fasting was high at 135 when usually its around the 82 range…

Hi JT,

It was for a 12 hour fast so I would have had to go all day without eating ;(

I’m still personally convinced that you must be slow onset T1. Ever think about purposefully chowing down on a couple of “bad and evil foods” like say… apples or oranges… you know all those unhealthy foods that non-diabetics eat - before the bloodwork just to push the numbers in the direction to force a change in diagnosis?

As a T1, I can actually “dial in” any fasting bg I want to show up to the lab with, just by tweaking my insulin doses that morning. Anywhere from 35 to 350, no problem. Below 35 or above 350 I’m not so comfortable with but I’m sure I could hit 1200 (just “forget my shot the night before”) if I decided to.

Hi Tim,

You are probably right. I’m convinced that I’m not Type2 but LADA/1.5/Something other than Type2. I may tell my Dr when I go for the results next Tues to make an appointment with a specialist regarding my numbers/diagnosis etc… See what she says… I should have had a piece of toast just before the test, that would have shot it up!