Another Trivia

The most borrowed items in America are books.What is second?


Danny you crack me up and yes Suz knows I borrow her trivia questions. :slight_smile:

Looking at all the debt, I would say that the most borrowed is money. A distant second would be books.


all I thought about the D and borrowing some sort of sugar for a low, not the borrowing a cup of sugar, hehe!!!

And sorry no!!

I know! I know! It is “TIME!”


By the way, where’s the data to back up the claim about books? Or the data for the claims in your other trivia questions? Or are we supposed to accept the claim (and the answer) on faith?

Borrow your truck ??

I take my trivia off another site I belong to with the owner’s permission and I have never asked her where she gets her info because yes it is just a game and I believe what she is posting to be true for the fun of it.

I don’t believe she just makes the answers up.


Lancets. ha ha



A buck (LOL)

Car? My mom said to loan anything except your car or your husband. No one’s ever asked to borrow my husband:)

I say car, too.

So I guess we have to ask, exactly why Gerri and Terry are up in the middle of the night worried about this? Karen did give a pretty good hint. Kudo’s to Karen for not staying up all night waiting on this crowd. We are after all a little slow.

I didn’t get the sugar either. I guess I was in a diabetic frame of mind as well. I thought people would only ‘borrow’ sugar for lows :slight_smile: