{GAME} Buy one item, Sell One and Throw away the other item


Give 3 choices of Items, the person below would have to choose to Buy one item, Sell One and Throw away the other item.

Example: Lancets, book, socks

I choose to Trash the socks, Buy the lancets and Sell the book

Make sure to make your choices AND Also provide 3 items for the next person.


Next objects to Buy, Sell or Throw
Meter, pen, sofa



I choose to trash the pen, buy the meter and sell the sofa.
It did all make sense didn´t it?

Next objects
Insulin pump, roast beef sandwich, and tooth paste.


I would BUY the insulin pump. My insurance company fights me on this one. I would SELL the toothpaste and THROW AWAY the roast beef sandwich because I just ate.

Okay buy, sell or throw away…
An iPhone, a puppy, or a years worth of test strips.


Ok… I’d buy the puppy = my family’s been wanting one for years.
Sell the iPhone (yuck! :slight_smile:)
and throw away the test strips – I have LOTS…

cookbook, beer, watch


BUY the cookbook, because I am an amateur gourmet chef. SELL the beer. I don’t drink beer. And THROW AWAY the watch, cause I don’t wear a watch… adds stress to my stressful life.

King size bed spread, men’s dress shoes and 100 lancets. Go !


I think I’ll buy the bedspread, sell the men’s shoes, and throw out the lancets. I have lots of lancets and hope than everyone else I know never needs them, but my bedspread has holes! My hubby has more shoes than I do, and if I let him get anymore, we’re going to need a bigger closet.

3 items: a kayak, the book “Think like a pancreas”, a voucher for a lifetime of free high speed internet access from the provider of your choice


I would buy the voucher for free high speed internet access (we live in a rural area. with no internet access through the phone line. Our satellite broadband connection has fierce download limits/charges - so no Netflix/Amazon Prime). I would throw away Think Like a Pancreas (I have a copy already and no longer look at it) and I would sell the Kayak and use some of the money to buy a used MacBook (I am a Windows user but an going to need a Mac if I am to start setting up Loop).

3 Items:

A special offer voucher to have your genome sequenced
A greenhouse
A musical instrument (of your choice)


I’d TOSS out the greenhouse cause I got one. I would try to SELL the musical instrument, a Strad or an Amati violin, maybe. I guess I would BUY the genome sequencing. I know we are related to the parents of George Washington. Pretty cool.

Three items…
A string of holiday lights with different colors
A complete Chinese tea set with tea pot and saucers
A hundred refrigerated boxes of Insulin Aspart


i´d definitely buy the string of holiday lights with different colors, specially if they have movement (I saw something on TV last december haha)
I´d throw the complete Chinese tea set. I´m a coffee lover but no tea.
I´d sell the aspart insulin

Three items
A delicious Mexican taco, an iphone and an amazon gift card.


I don’t like tacos so I would throw this away, sell the iphone (already have one) and buy the amazon gift card

Ok, three items:

  1. A dvd of a new film
  2. A gift voucher for a holiday in Broome, Australia
  3. A camel ride


I’ll fly to Australia after BUYing the ticket. That would be a great vacation. I would SELL the camel ride and THROW out the DVD.

Now here are three items…
The keys to the Forbidden City in China.
Your very own tavern with a bar and a kitchen.
An island in the Carribean where they only speak Spanish.


I’ll throwout the keys to the Forbidden City - since it is currently houses a museum collection, there are probably already several other keys in existence.

I’ll sell the tavern. I hate cooking and don’t drink, but the money will probably come in handy for my new life on the Caribbean island. As such, I’ll buy the island. While I don’t speak Spanish fluently, my husband is from Columbia and Spanish is his first language, so I think we’ll be okay. And with a baby on the way now, he is learning my first language -French, and I am learning Spanish, so that our child can speak both of our heritage languages. Plus owning an island would be super cool. And I could be queen of the island. Muahaha!!!

Three items:

  1. An old castle in Britain that has fallen into disrepair and hasn’t been updated since 1880, and is filthy inside, but structurally sound
  2. A piece of paper that says exactly how, when, and where anyone who reads it will die. This information is invariable, regardless of whether or not you know it.
  3. A pill that gives whoever takes it the ability to remember everything, but prevents them from ever forgetting anything.


I like castles, so I would buy the castle. I would BURN the piece of paper, who on earth would like to know that information?! And I would sell the pill.

Next three items:

  1. An incandescent light bulb
  2. Bovine insulin
  3. A church organ


Wow! Whqt a collection of JUNK!

I would throw away the light-bulb (bad for the planet)
I would like to throw away the Bovine Insulin (which is probably NPH - poisonous stuff) but will auction it (starting bid $0.00) on Ebay (L@@k - vintage insulin)
I would keep the church organ (some churches installed Hammonds - A B3 would be KOOL)

Three Items:
A set of Mauviel copper cooking pans
A Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer
A deep fat fryer


You don’t like junk? :wink:

I don’t need copper pans, but I expect them to be the most expensive item, so I would sell the pan set.
I would throw away the kitchenaid, because I wouldn’t use it very often.
I would buy the deep fryer, it might help me gain some weight.

Three items:

  1. A nuclear reactor
  2. A gold mine
  3. The Empire State Building


Much better quality:

I would sell the nuclear reactor (they are planning to build a new one in the UK at a cost of $80bn, so should be worth a bit on Ebay)
I would throw away the Empire State Building (no longer No.1 in the height stakes)
I would keep the gold mine (what’s not to like?)

Three items:

  1. Aston Martin V8 Vantage
  2. Ducatti 1299
  3. Humvee (the genuine US Army version, not the road-going one for poseurs)

Off on vacation so no posting for a while (Yippee!)


I would throw away the Ducatti, because I don’t care about motorcycles.
I don’t really care about fast cars either, therefore I would sell the Aston Martin.
I would buy the Humvee (pretty robust vehicle, I guess)

Next items:

  1. A windmill
  2. A steam locomotive
  3. A parachute


I’d throw away the locomotive, because I don’t know how to operate it and where woukd I keep it and use it???

I’d sell the windmill. There are many wind farms around here and I am sure some farmer old be pleased to have it.

I’d keep the parachute. My kids (I teach grade 2h and I could have lots of fun playing with it (cat and mouse anyone?).

Three items:

  1. A single pill the would cure the diabetes of 1 person. The pill cannot be replicated.
  2. A gift card for $5000 (or £5000/€5000, depending on where you live) to the dollar store/pound shop
  3. A certificate that provides you with a guaranteed income of whatever the median income is where you live, for the rest of your life. You would never be able to earn any less than this amount (even if you become unemployed), but legally prevents any employer from ever paying you more than the median income (regardless of your job$). You would never be poor or go hungry, but you would never be rich.


I think I’d drop the pill, but the median income, and trash the gift card. Is this a trick?

Buy sell or trash;
The same magic pill from above, your diabetes, world peace.


Sell pill. Trash card, buy median income