Antibody test results

I recently had the tests done to determine if I am LADA Type 1 instead of Type 2. The results have come back and I am meeting with my doctor next week.

CPeptide .49 which is lower than the .80 standard indicating possibly LADA
GAD65 <5 which seems to be in range so not indicating LADA

Which test is generally the more relied on for results? Ultimately my treatment is the same, since I am on insulin anyway for better management .

I know no one here is a doctor and can’t provide a DX but wondering what others know about these tests in general.

My original tests came back mixed like that - And in my case, it was exacerbated
by the fact that the lab references were for fasting, but my tests were done 90min after eating. For me, also, there was no change in treatment that would have resulted from the tests.
At the time, my end decided that I was Type 2; however, my c-peptide and insulin levels were retested several times over the next few years - and always were lower and lower until my next end changed my diagnosis to Type 1 (LADA?). The key is that, though antibodies are commonly found in Type 1, there is a significant percentage of T1s that never test positive for the known antibodies. There are likely other factors in play that are not yet discovered.

Were you tested only for GAD-65 antibodies (like me), or also for the anti-insulin and anti-beta cell antibodies?

@Thas thanks for sharing your story. I was initially only tested for GAD and c-Peptide. Likely I’ll follow up with more texting in the future, right now I’m trying to get my insulin dosing more precise and get used to a CGM.

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