T1/T1.5 and Insulin and CGM Monitors

Hi everyone,

I originally posted here years ago when I was first diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic. Through diet/exercise and oral medication I was doing well but still my A1C climbed over the years. When it went over 7 my doctor suggested it was time to try adding in some long lasting lantus. The addition of 15 units per day has helped. I have also started using the Freestyle Libre as a way to monitor my Blood Sugars and that is going OK. All of this might seem like overkill for some but I am a data person and also like to know where things stand. I am 47, early menopause, 5’5" and 138 pounds.

A doctor I saw suggested i get tested for LADA Type 1 and I feel like I got conflicting results from two tests. I am going to talk to him next week but am wondering if any of you can help.

C-peptide levels are at .47 which as I understand is low indicating a lower level of insulin being made indicative of LADA.

My GAD65 levels were <5 which is normal and indicates I am making enough insulin

So what would others make of this?

Ultimately it doesn’t matter much bc I am doing the same thing to manage either right now.

Thanks every one. I also have some CGM questions that I will post sepearately.

How long were you using Lantus when the tests were done? Injected insulin does not have c-peptide by product, so it could be misleading test result. If you did not have injected insulin, your body may be pushed for more insulin production, thus showing higher c-peptide.

I would look more at your A1C, BG and Libre trends as the better source of whats working best for you.

If your post meal BGs are frequently high, or taking longer to come down, than your own pancreas insulin is declining/not able to respond.

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Thanks MM. I had not yet started insulin when these tests were done.

The GAD65 test just shows whether or not you’re making antibodies against your beta cells, ie, if you’re type 1. However some type 2s also make antibodies, so it’s sort of a gray area.