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I am currently 26 year old male.

On December 2018, I went to doctors after having a large bubble tea later after that day like 1-2 hours later my left side was bothering me. So i went to a walk in clinic 3-4 hours later and told the doctor, so he thought it may be kidney stones/gull bladder stones so he told me to pee in a cup. Afterwards the nurse told the doctor and they looked at me and told me they are concerned cause they found large traces of sugar in my urine. Which I thought couldnt it be the bubble tea i had earlier that day.

Doctor wanted me to do a blood test the next day blood H1AC was 6.5 which was >OR= 6.5 % Diabetes Mellitus.
Test 1

General Chemistry
Glucose Fasting HI 7.3 3.6 - 6.0 mmol/L
Fasting Glucose greater than or equal to 7.0

mmol/L after an 8 hr fast can be used as a
provisional diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. If
asymptomatic, a repeat confirmation test using
Fasting Glucose, HbA1c, or 75g OGTT must be done.||||
|Hemoglobin A1C/Total Hemoglobin|HI|6.5|<6.0|%|
||CDA 2013 Guidelines:

Screening and Diagnosis:
<5.5 % Normal
5.5% - 5.9 % At risk
6.0% - 6.4 % Prediabetes

OR= 6.5 % Diabetes Mellitus||||

So the doctor told to do a 12 hour fast for Carbohydrate metabolism which showed high at 13.9 Diabetes Mellitus >or= 7.0 OR >or= 11.1.
Test 2

Investigation of Carbohydrate Metabolism

Glucose Tolerance 2h
Glucose Dose 75 g
Glucose Fasting 5.6 mmol/L
Glucose 2h HI 13.9 mmol/L
Glucose Glucose

Category Fasting 2 Hours Post
75g OGTT
(mmol/L) (mmol/L)

Normal Fasting 3.6-6.0 –

Impaired Fasting 6.1-6.9 and <7.8

Impaired Glucose <6.1 and 7.8-11.0

Impaired Fasting 6.1-6.9 and 7.8-11.0
Glucose and Impaired
Glucose Tolerance

Diabetes Mellitus >or= 7.0 OR >or= 11.1

Can. J. Diabetes 2013: 37 (Suppl 1) S1-S212||||
|Observations||Patient reported “NO” symptoms of diarrhea,
abdominal cramping, vomiting , nausea or

So the doctor told me I have diabetes type 2, keep in mind back then I was 180lbs doctor told me to start excersizing and eat properly since injections or drugs is not needed at the time.

Three months later weighing at 154lbs

I did my test again my H1AC is now 5.4 [<5.5 % Normal ] which is normal now doctor was surprised. So he had me do a cholesterol test next. Results were:
Test 3 after three months

Hours After Meal 20 Hours
Triglyceride 1.24 mmol/L
Cholesterol 5.60 mmol/L
HDL Cholesterol 1.17 mmol/L
New formulation (24/Sep/2018): In some patients

with abnormal liver function, the HDL-c result
may be different due to the presence of
lipoproteins with abnormal lipid distribution.||||
|Non HDL Cholesterol||4.43||mmol/L|
||Non HDL-Cholesterol is not affected by the
fasting status of the patient.||||
|LDL Cholesterol||3.87||mmol/L|
||Consider the non HDL-C value as an alternate
lipid target if monitoring treatment in
intermediate or high risk patients.||||
|Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol||4.8|||

So doctor said my cholesterol is now too high for a diabetic person and that I may have to rely on statin drugs for the rest of my life if it doesn’t go down naturally within three months. I am assuming my cholesterol was so high is cause I’ve ate “hot rods” which is high in cholesterol a few days back which I felt guilty about. I was suppose to go back to the doctors like last month to see if my cholesterol went down or not but im nervous cause I don’t want to rely on statin’s for the rest of my life.

On the June 30th, 2019, I went to a different walk in clinic cause my sides felt pressure and the doctor said theres nothing wrong cause after being diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 for 7 months I still have not fully gotten over it and been having lots of anxiety thinking every thing is going wrong with my body so that I may have imagined the weird feeling on my sides. I told this walk in doctor that my blood sugar went from 6.5 to 5.4 within three months and she was surprised and said “Im wondering if you actually do have diabetes or not?”

What should I do? Should I go to another doctor and have them do a blood sugar test on me for diabetes ? or should I just accept the first walk in doctor’s results and go check for my cholesterol and hope for the best? I’m filled with anxiety for the past 7 months and i don’t know how to accept and move on. I’ve been looking around for advice and I keep telling myself try to live life one day at a time focus on the present not on the past and the future is filled with uncertainty so focus on what I can do today.

Side info: Past two days been having soft poop/broken poop in the morning only and already having anxiety that its cancer.

Statins are no big deal. That is the least of your problems.
Why are u worried about cancer? You want a real worry about it? I’m about to get a CT scan for blood in the urine. Next week. So it will be about a week from now before I find out results of that test.
Again, statins are no cause for concern. If one of them causes some issues (muscle weakness, there are others that won’t). Been there; done that. It’s good to keep those cholesterol numbers in range.

Ive been reading that statins increase blood sugar even more? What would you do in my shoes?

STOP READING!! You are too anxious to be trying to doctor yourself. Step away, and go do something fun. Seriously.


Welcome to TUD, @EndymionXTV. Sounds like you were having some insulin resistance issues, which certainly can be ameliorated by losing some weight and increasing exercise, as you’ve done. 180 down to 154 is pretty impressive! Bubble tea isn’t exactly sugar free, so maybe that really spiked you, but it does suggest a tendency toward insulin resistance (Type 2).

I was about your age when I got hit with the Type 1 hammer, and that changes your whole life. This is more like getting pulled over speeding and the cop decides to let you off with a warning instead of a ticket. I’d say keep doing what you’re doing and, yeah, try not to be preoccupied about the mights or maybes. I’d continue getting my A1C tested every 3 months to keep an eye on it, and otherwise not be overly concerned. If it does progress, the treatments aren’t particularly onerous if you stay ahead of it.

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The thing about diabetes is you can change your blood sugars in a day! I would say you just had a big warning sign of what can happen if you didn’t change things. And you did obviously change things because you lost weight.

I hope you have a meter and then you can keep track of how your sugars are doing so you can keep it up! But you are now doing good!

Welcome, I would suggest you find a doctor who you can see all the time to make your medical care more stable. Again welcome and hope this helps.Nancy 50

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You ate well, lost weight and got you A1c down to normal…That is what is supposed to happen.

Now you need to eat well for the rest of your life. Without high carb intake, creeping back in.

It is the trigs to HDL ratio and any sdLDL, that is important. Not total cholesterol, do some reading.