My updates and more, "Ok, what do you think about this?"

Ok i have been real up for years and years. In may i was getting ready for a trip to Dublin and decided to get right with my self and see a doctor. The news was unreal and tragic. Type 2 dibetic and HBP, possible pancreaitus

Blood Work: May 2009

Fasting Glucose: 240
A1C: 10.7
Triglycerides: 700
Total Cholesterol: 209
HDL: 38

Blood pressure 180/110

Weight 260

I started BP meds but refused metformen as i love to drink beer, 12 pack a day.

Ok, then i started to think lets just change, i only drink once a week, six pack, no more white food, no starch, only whole grain, no refined sugar. I started having crazy pains all over, chest pain that took me to ER and then a weekend in the cardiac ICU, had a CT angeogram, IM ALL GOOD! NO blockages or any other drama even tho EKG said i had a past hart attack!!!

Now since the CT thing with contrast dye i have been feeling like crap the worst. 7 DAYS OUT as of today still feel crappy, i had blood work done. I have been walking a mile a day and the diet i talked about above. My DR thinks the tests are cant be right, but get this:

Blood Work: July 2009

Fasting Glucose: 110
A1C: 7
Triglycerides: 150
Total Cholesterol: 158
HDL: 41
LDL: 87

Blood pressure 130/80 but can still go up to 170/100 if stressed out, on meds for now

Weight 247

But i feel WORSE, i have crazy pain, right now i have this strange pain in my face and neck, i think its from the BP med or that scary CT dye. The only thing not good is my liver has elevated bilirubin. I truly think all the pain and liver stuff is from the BP med or CT dye.

But to sum it all up, Why do i feel worse but the number say im better? Tonight is my one night to drink of the week and my blood sugar has been 123, the other night it was 78, all with NO meds. Just diet and exercise."


"Let me also add, Kidneys are fine no issues, they said i have micro/al of 5 points over normal but all other tests say they are fine. Im going form tests on them to see whats up.

Now as for some other things i would like input from others about, i would like to know what some people think about theses numbers.

My average fasting is around 120 i would say, some times its 80 some times its 130. Now i work nights from home and i decided to have some beers with my job, lol… Anyway, i have been testing like crazy as part of my new health regimen and i got a few high readings i normal never get when having a few beers. I some times have seen 170 but by the time i go to bed and wake up its around 100. Last night i got a reading of 191! No i do not take any meds for my sugars, just diet. So i stopped drinking and had a liter of water and took my trusty cinnamon pill, in 45 minuets its was 118. Why would this happen like this? I know sometimes 1hr after food im 150, 2hrs 130’s by the time for next meal 120-100.

I have been super more stressed this past week with my sister in town who can make me freak out, can stress make numbers jump? Should i start to investigate (LADA)?

Stress makes numbers jump. As the higher numbers are not good, wait to see if there is a trend. If I have alcohol, I typically will have two shots of vodka with a couple strawberries on Thursday nights after work, my night number is very high but I have the best morning fasting numbers on Friday, doesn’t make sense to me.

From your post it sounds like the alcohol is what is creating the high numbers. I don’t really have my facts straight on alcohol and diabetes but because beer is high in carbs and the fact that alcohol messes with your liver? Combine that with stress and who knows what would happen with your numbers…

As far as investigating LADA I think this should be done on almost every Type 2 diabetic based on what I have read about misdiagnosing 2 for LADA. I am currently trying to convince my endo to run antibody testing and c-peptide for me, just to be certain, I would rather know what I am facing now instead of waiting for insulin production to stop immediately one day.

Mark, you have worked hard and have gotten SUPER Results from that Hard work!!! So glad you have started to take care of your health!! Stress can elevate BS, but I would investigate LADA, as Samantha above suggested.
As to your pain, I have never heard of the type of pain you are having in your face and neck… Since you reported a history of an undetected coromary event, I would check that pain out as soon as possible, maybe with a heart specialist. You also cannot rule out nerve issues. I know sometimes when blood sugars return to a “normal” state from long-time hyper states, the nervous system can rebel. It has happenened to me. The body seeks Homeostasis., which is stability. The pain eventually goes away as the body gets used to the normal state.
I do not know about the effects of beer on Blood sugars, as I do not drink.
Again, you are to be congratulated for your wonderful efforts., I hope and pray you feel better soon.

God Bless,

Type 1 41 years
Insulin Pumper

hey bud, on that 191… it could have simply been a bad test. Whenever I get a number that just doesn’t seem “right”, I’ll wash my hands and test on the other hand just to be sure

Your good fasting numbers after alcohol make a lot of sense. I think you go high, because of the carbs in the strawberries and whatever might be in the drinks, but your blood sugar starts to drop after that. Normally your liver constantly produces glucose (this is why we need a basal insulin or a basal setting on the pump), but alcohol shuts off your livers glucose production, because it is too busy to processing the alcohol. That’s also the reason people on insulin have to be careful about too much alcohol, because if you go too low your liver might not be able to rescue you by dumping huge amounts of glucose, like it usually would and glucagon shots won’t work.