Anxiety with insertion

I'm wondering is anyone else has a lot of anxiety with insertion of the sensor? Seriously, I've never done it totally sober. I don't know why it stresses me out so bad but I can't seem to get over it. I've done 5 insertions now. It does hurt a little, sometimes...but nothing to get so stressed over!

It takes me up to 45 minutes to insert and has my heart racing and hands shaking everytime! I think dexcom needs to re-design this thing somehow!

It stresses me too; probably not quite as much as you. I had a series of insertions that were nasty, but then they got better. It does get better.


I believe it is human nature to have some anxiety when you are going to hurt your self. Inserting a needle or even poking your finger. However am not sure about the 45 mnts.

For me I will say it takes around 5 mnt to insert it. Since I try to trick my self (mind) and do it without being notice.

try coughing when you plunge.

Wow! That makes me nervous to hear… I haven’t gotten mine yet, but what makes it so painful? I get a bit of pain from the shots sometimes but nothing to worry about really. I do get some anxiety about the shots and finger stick still but I think that is just from the general idea we grow up with that all shots hurt. Please do explain more about when it comes to the Dexcom.

I wouldn’t even say it’s painful, MOST of the time. When I did injections I did them very slowly and poked around for the “right” spot. With my pump infusion sets it’s automatic (which freaked me out before I did it the first time) but they don’t hurt AT ALL! But I feel the needle with the dexcom. It’s something about the moment your thumb pushes the plunger and the contact with your flesh. It’s easy going til you hit the flesh and then you have to push at a different speed.

I’m guessing the part of it not hurting is going to catch up with my illogical fear at some point but it’s just been really tough for me! Maybe at the 10th insertion I will feel like an expert???

I certainly hope so! I’m excited and nervous about getting my pump and CGM in January… I just got diagnosed in Sept and decided to wait for my deductible to renew. Thanks for the info.

Courtney, I’m sorry the insertion is difficult for you. I have been using needles since 1945, when I was 6, and they don’t bother me. I guess that the Dex insertion would seem more difficult if you have not been using needles very long. I hope you will adjust soon and be more comfortable with it.

I think I will get more comfortable…that interesting you bring up needles AND the year 1945. I motivated myself to do the insertion by thinking about needles a long time ago and how nice this current needle is…actually so nice that I barely feel it:) It’s really all psychological; I’ve never liked needles but I am very grateful for the tools I have to manage diabetes now!

That’s awesome you’re going all out in January! I was diagnosed 5 years ago and just started the pump in July and Dexcom a couple months ago. Both have been incredible despite some adjustment and I wish I’d made the leap earlier. Neither are bad and I think I’m having my own ridiculous anxieties but they’re real nonetheless and I take a little comfort that it’ll just get easier with time. Good luck!!

Wow! So you really have had spears and not needles in the past! LOL… I can understand why you are not scared of needles at all anymore…

Hey Richard, I don’t have near as much experience with you with the various types of needles you must have used. Still, I was on MDI for 25 years and the Dexcom still makes me nervous everytime I insert a sensor, way more nervous than I ever was with needles.

I was always a “prober”. I’d pinch, tap, poke, and generally go real slow with my injections. That was a result of the occasional painful injection. I have a longtime T1 buddy who used to laugh at me while watching me inject.

With the Dex, I just don’t have that routine. I find a spot, stick it to the spot, then take a deep breath and plunge. I dread hitting one of those tender spots that I would hit occasionally with a needle. I have a vivid imagination of what that must feel like with the Dex inserter.

I hear that… Which pump did you go with?

FHS, You haven’t been using dexcom long, right? Have you hit a tender spot yet? I think we had the same method of injections and it is hard to commit to one spot with the dex.

An Animas Ping. I love the meter remote and don’t feel too hampered by the tubing. When I looked at the pod is just seemed like a huge thing to be stuck to you and I felt like it would be too easy to knock it off (my job is very physical). And their customer service is wonderful.

I’ve had it since June Courtney. I haven’t hit anything near as tender as some of the spots I used to hit with a needle.

Yeah, I think it is commitment issues. =P

I’m glad to hear that, because that is the one I’m leaning towards myself. I’m testing the pod right now after hearing how great it was from many other active people, but I’m concerned about form fitting clothing and some random lump sticking out. Vain, I know… but I think the Ping Animas would be easier to hide under clothing and more versatile.

Im getting the animas ping myself…waiting for the approval…as far as the insertion go…I have no issues…I think of it as I’m giving myseld insulin and I’ve trained my brain that way…I find it painless…but love my dex and can’t wait for the ping

Kaayle-It’s not vain! An important variable to consider! In the Animas store on-line they sell a brilliantly named item called the “thigh thing” and you can also wear it in your bra. The height profile of the infusion pod is very low so pretty easy to hide.

And if you’re getting dexcom it’s worth considering the possibility that the animas ping and dexcom will be integrated sometime in the near future. hope

I’m always terrified of it… but I get through it. The faster you do it the easier it is (or so I keep telling myself, I’ve never been able to really do it quickly!)