Does insertion hurt with dexcom?

Hey everybody-

I requested a trial with Dexcom and just watched some youtube videos of insertion. No one screams in pain but I'd really like to know how it feels. The unknown with these things freak me out.

FYI- I use the Animas One Touch Ping Pump (still a newbie with the pump) and I use the all-in-one infusion set and so far it's been completely painless. Hoping this will be the same!

For me, there is a tiny little sting for half a second right as the inserter needle goes in, then pain free for the rest of the process!

I think I can deal with a sting…do you insert super fast? On these videos they all did it really slow and I didn’t know if that’s for demonstration or not. Thanks for the reply!

I insert fast and feel nothing. Less pain than finger stick for sure.

I had tried the MM first, and that was brutal.

Try to relax and welcome the process.

I’ve only been using Dexcom for a while, and to me it’s just like shots or pump sets. Most of the time there’s not much pain, but every once and a while it’ll hurt like crazy.

I’m with Lisa on this one! The MM was awful! The Dex doesn’t hurt if you go fast, and then it’s over before you know it! I’m on the Omnipod pump, so I know how it feels! My trainer said the MM intro needle is the size of a trauma needle, (that’s why it hurts so bad), and the Dex intro needle is the size of a regular shot needle. Hope this helps!

hmmm, do you know the gauge? i’m a wuss:) When I was doing shots I used BD Mini Pen needles that are 32 gauge i think. so small!

It is a little sting and I am a complete wuss but I keep mine in for two weeks. Just do it fast and your CDE will tell you that. I am on Omnipod as well and that is automatic the Dexcom isn’t. Don’t wuss out. It has been a lifesaver for me!

Only if your wife is doing the insertion on your back and goes suuuuuuppppppppeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr sllllllllloooooooowwwwwwww and pauses halfway through.

Otherwise nope.

yes, it is as painless as the pump insertion, they have a nice system to insert it, good luck you will do fine.

It’s not all that bad. With a little practice you will do it in no time. The first couple of insertions I did I was kind of slow. It didn’t hurt but it wasn’t as fast as my giving an injection. I’m several months in and insertion is very quick and pretty painless. The insertion needle is no bigger than on your set. You won’t have a problem with it. I’m on the OmniPod and I think that auto-insertion hurts more than the Dexcom.

hilarious. i know it’s probably not funny when it’s happening but it really made me laugh!

Thanks everyone! I am much less stressed out about it now. Excited to see what this thing can do for me. Man! I feel thankful to have diabetes in a time with so many tools. It’s crazy to read about how diabetes was treated throughout history!!

I find theres only a little pinch if that… I tend to pinch the area up a little, and use my index finger to sort of hold up the insering mechanism, then use the other hand to smoothly push the wihte plunger… (this is where the pinch happens, this you dont want to go slow,) then take the same hand and slide the collar up…)

I find you dont have to go super fast, just smoothly push it in…its slower than a syringe to push in… getting trepidation and pushing a tiny bit at a time is when youll usually find pain)

I agree, going slowly can be painful, make sure you go at a steady and fairly rapid rate to push the plunger and it will be no worse than the pump set insertion.

After I’ve gotten the adhesive stuck, I grab the base with one hand, and whack the plunger with my other. Super fast = no pain. Just don’t forget to pull the round collar back before you unhook the inserter or you’ll pull the sensor out. I did that only once.

I’ll agree with everyone else and say that when you do a fast insertion there is very little pain. I however am a wimp and even though I KNOW it hurts less going fast I struggle to make myself do it quickly. I have found that slow insertions pretty much give your body a chance to feel every single nerve cell being brushed by… they hurt… a lot. It’s definitely worth it but I’ve found I’m best if I kind of just bang it into place instead of trying to push down on the plunger. A solid hit or two and it’s done… pushing down takes me forever. It’s a personal thing though and the info is so worth the pain… but I do wish it was automatic like my Omnipod is!

The plunger does look scary, but when injecting it I usually feel less discomfort than with my (Accu-check) pump needle. I’d describe it as quick and relatively painless.

25 Gauge as opposed to 23 on the Minimed sensors. The difference from one gauge to the next feels bigger in the lower numbers than the higher numbers, in my experience with both insulin shots (in the upper gauges) and testosterone shots (20-23 gauge).
I’m really impressed by how much less painful it was… but then I only have worn one Dexcom sensor.

My niece would say no; insertion relatively painless. But she does feel it. If in doubt, numb the area the first time you use it, just to get over the fear.