I’ve had T1 diabetes since the age of 4, and exercise was never a problem. When I hit the age of 15, it seems as though my sugar levels are more sensitive. For instance, I would take a dosage of 55 of my “Long lasting” as I like to call it, before bed. During the evening before bed, I take gymnastics classes. Now, when I turned 15, I took 55 of the long lasting again at night. (I know, because I accidentally dropped the vile after injecting) and woke up an hour later with a BS of 2.3 (I’m Canadian). To top this all off, when I was 14 I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. So ever since, i’ve been frightened to go to bed after exercise. I would stay up pass 3:00 A.M during the summer, and even 1:00 A.M on a school day. I care about education, and this is ruin my life. I have medication that I recently started for anxiety, but I just kinda wanted to know if anyone has a similar situation? Im sure the medication will work and stuff, but I kinda want some pointers from people who went through what I’m going through. Thanks in advanced. :slight_smile:

I would surely try the meds to see if they help. Is a continous blood glucose monitor an option? I love mine because it wakes me up when I’m going low at night. I used to not wake up until I was severely low. It would ruin the night and the whole next day for me. Take care.