Any ideas? Blood glucous over 350 w/steriods

Yesterday at 2pm I got the steriod injection in my thumb. Had talked to dr and had a plan.
Turn up basil on pump to 125% at injection, test 1 hour and adjust. Well, at one hour went to 150%, then a few hours later 175% this am I adjusted basil to 200%!!! Not much sleep with pump alarms.
BG is bouncing between mid-200s and 385, no ketones yet. I am eating very low carb and drinking lots of water. Of course, I feel horrible. Thumb is feeling better and I can now move it on a positive note.
Any thoughts on what else I can do? I knew it would be 3-5 days, should I see it coming down tomorrow or will it be all of a sudden?

I've had a number of steroid injections, and keeping in mind that we all have different requirements.... I had to turn my basal up +200% (so 300%) +boluses the first few days, then gradually returned it to normal within about 10 days. Test a LOT, take as much insulin as you need.

Glad your thumb feels better!

yuck...10 days! Testing a lot, and most insulin taken for me ever! Thanks!

Yep, I had a similar experience of 10 days increase in numbers. Like you my doctor had told me a couple days and then I came on here and got the real scoop! I did seem to go down gradually rather than all of a sudden.

I turned my basal up to 200% the last time I had steroids, c. 2008. It worked ok. If 200% doesn't cut it, maybe set a different pattern or something?

I have carried my insulin with me when I thought I would have an injection and immediately after, have given 100% basal. Making the amount in the body = 200%.
With some steroids, I tried dividing basal in thirds so that I had three rounds going. For small injections as in thumbs this isn't bad. It allowed me to drop one of the three after a few days. More dropped in two weeks, and a small amount added to my normal til the end of a month.
I know that Endos do have an idea of the days it takes to get rid of it but like to minimize problems as usual. I can't speak for other doctors knowing how long it takes.
I find I do not get back to my normal for a month, but it is gradual.
I keep a record to go back to, and that saves my trying to figure it out each time.

My belief is that immediate shots with needles in various places are better taken by the body than one long shot with the pump in one place where all of it may not get absorbed well. I do have experience with pumps even tho I don't personally wear one.

THanks for the input! Over night was in the mid-400s. This morning woke up thrilled to see 195, after a morning bolus and a little food I'm at 144. Just excited to be back in the 100s in day 3. Still have basil at 175%.
It's great to know you have someplace to go and get answers, support & ideas.