Any marathoners out there?

Hi, all!

I run track/xc for a D1 college. I typically run about 45-55 miles/week and I've recently added about 40 miles of stationery biking/week (I'm taking an indoor cycling class this semester). I'm graduating at the end of April and am considering doing the Pittsburgh marathon in May - I'd like to finish in under 4 hours.

When I do distance runs (6-12 miles), I typically carb up before the run and then disconnect from my insulin pump until I'm done running. My BG is generally pretty good afterwards, around 100mg/dL, but I don't know if it's safe to do this for 4 hours?

Does anyone out there run marathons or do >15 mile distance runs without insulin on board? Will I definitely go into DKA if I do this? Are there any better options out there?


I use an Animas Ping, and am on relatively low basal rates (.675-.8 u/hr) & I:C ratio (1:20-25) because of my weekly mileage.
Also, I eat a lot of carbs and I don't see that changing any time soon.

Thats incredible. I don't think there's a ton of us that do marathons. Talk to Acid Rock. He's commenting on page four of the forum discussion: Do a service to the newly diagnosed: brag

Update: I'll be running the Pittsburgh half, and then I guess train all summer for a full marathon in the Fall.

And thank you, @monhe0001

Good luck, you marathoners are pretty tough cookies. I work the finish line at the Twin Cities marathon.