Second marathon much better than the first! 3rd one will try to qualify for Boston!

Mostly recovered after my second marathon last saturday. 3:51, which was 26 minutes faster than the first, it was also 40 degrees cooler, as the first marathon was 90 at the finish. Top 1/3 of finishers, 32/65 in my age group, 80/200 in men.

Will spend the next 8 months on speed work, leg and hip strenght, and shorter distances and then be shooting for 3:30 next October, which would qualify me for Boston (as a 45 in april 2012). And I will be doing that somewhere other than southern wisconsin, which is, believe it or not, very hilly!

Diagnosed 6 years ago... treated as a type 2 for most of that time, but as I became more active and started running Drs. feel that I am an idiopathic atypical type 1. I have no evidence of insulin resistance (low fasting insulin (3 uiu, low c-peptide(1.1ng)).

I started insulin (novolog) 3 months ago, as I still produce some insulin on my own. I have huge post meal spikes, and I needed to eat a good amount of carbs for the training I was doing. Take glimeperide in the evening if I am going to have a high load meal before a long run the next day (which I need to do when running distances of more than 13 miles).

Tested negative for LADA, MODY (6500.00 test!, thankfully have very good insurance), Ketosis Prone. Not so much concerned about a type, though it would be nice to have a two word explanation... Anyway, what matters most is BG control, and I've held steady at 6.1 the last 6 months. I was disappointed I didn't dip into the 5s this time around, but I was eating fairly heavily (though I didn't gain a pound in my 4 months of training).

The one advantage of being an atypical type as a diabetic runner I do not currently need a basal insulin, so I've never had a low running.

wow your profile picks says it all! HUGE improvement pat yourself on the back!