Any Type 2 Pumpers?

My Husband has been classified as Type 2 (even though he does not fit the profile for one). Could he benifit from using a pump? He has been on insulin for years and at one time was taking at least 50 units of Lantis. He is now taking Novalog to cover his meals and high numbers. IT seems to be helping. However we were talking not that long ago and I was wondering if he would benifit from a pump. I am going to make a list of questions for him to ask the Dr. I can not go because of work.
I would like for him to run the C-Peptide test and the GAD test. Are there others I should have him run to verify if he is truly a type 2? or if he is really LADA or MODY?

Anyone who uses insulin can potentially use a pump to administer it. We have some members here who fit that profile. Hopefully, they’ll chime in!

I suggest getting to a high quality Endocrinologist for a complete look see. Usually family doctors in my area are a little hesitant to prescribe a pump mostly because they do not really have the facilities or training to support them. A high quality ENDO will however be able to do the testing and make the appropriate recomendaitons.


For at least three years I took shots from the Byeatta pen. For two years I used Lantus, then Levemir, then Novalog. I researched the Minimed pump myself and talked to my Endo about it. He seemed really reluctant. In the mean time I was taking an excessive amount of Lantus, and gaining weight like crazy. I eventually changed Dr.'s and that was when he changed me to Levemir and then Novalog with no better luck than I had with Lantus. It was then that I seriously approached him about the pump, and he was very open to the idea, however; I didn’t wait on him to follow up on it. I called Medtronics and talked to them personally and gave them all my info. I had to give them a record of my BG’s over–I believe it was a 3 month period, might have been six, I don’t really remember at this point–anyway, they contacted my insurance company and gave them all the info and got the preapproval. They contacted my Dr. and installed a CGM that I wore for three days, and then returned it to the Medtronics rep. They retrieved all the readings, called the Dr. and said, “this guy needs to be on a pump.” They shipped me the pump, and then it was just a matter of seeing the CDE and learning how to operate the little gadget, and change the infusion sets. My BG’s within a week were down to a hundred. I had not seen that in over a year, closer to two years. I don’t use near as much insulin as I did the Lantus. Within a week I was feeling so much better I drove my wife and kids nuts until I leveled off. I had so much more energy. I didn’t realize how bad I felt before, until I went on the pump. I was lethargic and just wanted to sleep all the time. If your husband has high sugars pretty consistently, he needs to keep a record of his BG’s if he’s not doing that already, because your insurance will most likely require it. Have him call his insurance and see if they will cover it. I did call my insurance before I called Medtronics to make sure they would cover it, and Medtronics did most of the rest. There are certainly pros and cons to wearing a pump, but certainly no different than taking shots. I only stick myself once every 3 days now, as opposed to 3 times a day. I thought the price of the pump was a little outrageous, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything now! Good luck!

Thanks Bobby, He does keep track of his BG numbers pretty well and he checks his levels before eating and upon waking and going to bed. I have to say that he has gotten much better since the dr. has changed his regimine of drugs and insulin. So far the Novalog and Januvia seem to be helping. His BG’s have been normal. YEAH. Will this affect him getting the pump? I am planing on sending a list of ?'s with him (I can not attend his dr. appointment with him). So hopefully we will get something soon. I will be sure to call the ins. co for info on what pumps they cover. I will have to do that anyway with DD because hopefully soon she will be put on one as well. Thanks again Bobby.

I am a type 2 whose doctors(four of them) have recommended pump therapy for me. I take 5 shots total a day. Medicare has denied me a pump, though, because my C-peptide test result was 2 points over the limit. Oh, well!!