Type 1.5 and Insulin pump?


I needed a jump start to reacting to my diabetes.........

I am a type 1.5 more 1 than 2 on insulin for 6 yrs.........lantus at night 70u and humalog with meals and snacks base 20u plus as high as 60 u.........I also take byetta 2x a day and 2000 metformin at dinner........

Question: is anyone else using a pump?????????



I have been pumping for 8 months and I also had a late diagnosis. At first, I started with pills, diet and exercise, then one shot/day, then 2 shots per day, then three, and then finally up to 6 or 7. Now that I’ve made the switch to a pump, my levels are much more stable and don’t experience frequent lows. I won’t be going back to MDI.

Have you had a c-peptide checked or GAD antibodies done to see if you are making any insulin/have antibodies (i.e. diagnosed with T 1.5)? Sounds like you are very insulin resistant and maybe a T2 -Byetta not typically used in T 1.5 (or those not making insulin at all anyway) from my understanding. I am a T2 on MDI and I just received my pump in the mail today! I was on Byetta, but needed to come off so we can start a family. Lost 45 lbs, now almost at goal, and still with the D. On NPH and Apidra currently as MDI (my endo won’t use Lantus or Levemir pre or during pregnancy) doing 6-8 shots a day. Can’t wait to start the pump. I have hear many T2 sayng their total daily dose or TDD tends to go down after they started the pump. Hope all goes well for you in your quest for the pump. There are definitely some T2 pump users here. I have gained valuable insight from them.