Anyone create tunes for their ping?

Hi there

I’m relatively new to the ping, but I’m getting used to it (its quite different form my old paradigm).

Anyway, when I installed the software on my computer I discovered that you can create tunes for your alarms. This is super awesome, except that I have no idea how to play piano!!!

So I’m wondering if anyone has any to share, preferably in the hard rock/classic rock genre, but I’m open to anything other than the Mexican hat dance :wink:


I could never figure that out either. I’m curious to see the answers you get.

i definitely would be interested in seeing people’s responses - my son would love something like that

Fun! I haven’t got the software yet…coming this week, but I’ll have to check it out…any Stevie Wonder on there?

I put “beautiful ending” by barlowgirl, “thats what you get” by paramore, the tetris theme, the mario bros theme, “stand in the rain” by superchic[k], “never alone” by barlowgirl, and a couple other things. i havent really gotten the timing right on some. its pretty tricky…none of it is really rock (even though barlowgirl is a christian rock group, i used their slower songs.)

i did most by ear. the ones i didnt do by ear i went on youtube and watched someone else play it a few times and picked it up from there.

right now im working on “dont stop believin” :slight_smile:

wow brandi, good stuff! i made some sound effect type stuff for alarm sounds, and some other melodies for the warnings.
its kind of limited software compared to say a midi sound device you can use on a cell phone, because its limited to
one sound at a time, but its fun. it helps if you know basic music theory.

thanks for the replies guys!

Brandi…I tried the youtube thing, but am hopelessly inept at anything musical lol.

lol thats ok. i just come from a musically inclined family, so it comes pretty easily to me…
what songs were you thinking to put on your pump?

I haven’t checked out the software yet… how do you create the tunes? do you have to somehow play it live while it records or can you enter the notes and adjust everything a little at a time?

It’s so fun to create the music! If you don’t have or can’t read music, you can search online for sheet music excerpts for most songs. Just Google what you want and then copy it into the Ping composer…because lots of people don’t play piano, the sharps and flats might get you confused…a flat lowers the note a line or space and a sharp goes up a line or space. You also really have to play around a bit to make it sound like you want it, as you are limited to the timing and rests you can use.

you literally put notes on a music sheet and it plays it.

Just found a group called Animas Classic Tunes. I uploaded the imperial march from star wars. You could post the ones you have in zip files so we could all start a collection of different tunes to enjoy :smiley:

Just adding the files directly here for ya. Just unzip em into your my files folder and use ez manager to upload em as the setting you want. I’ve attached the Imperial march from Star Wars and the theme song from Portal. If you haven’t heard the theme song from portal it’s quite appropriate with the opening lyric. Listen over here. It’s called Still Alive.

Dang upload error. Fixed (406 Bytes) (377 Bytes)

thanks Brandon :slight_smile:

I’'ll check out the group as well…is it here on tudiabetes?

never mind…I found it!!