Anyone diagnosed with Charcot Foot?

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post. I wanted to thank all the members who sent me such warm welcomes to your forum when I registered last week. I have been following your forum for a week now and have been very impressed by what I read and learn here

I am T1 diagnosed in May of 1957 at the age of 9…yes, 54 years ago. My complications have been limited to “mild” coronary artery disease and peripheral neuropathy. I say “mild” because I had a 75% blockage in one artery only which was opened by angioplasty in 1995 and has remained wide open since. Thankfully the only med I am on for that is Crestor. My father and grandfather died from heart disease so my CAD may be more genetic than diabetic related. I have good circulation in my feet, but peripheral neuropathy has gradually creeped in.

Is anyone here familiar with Charcot Foot? I do not know if this forum allows links, so if this is deleted by the moderators I certainly understand.

This past April I was visiting my son and grandkids in San Francisco (I live in Florida). We had taken a weekend trip up to Mendocino. I was walking through some sand dunes to get to the beach and my lower right foot literally shifted out of position. It didn’t hurt because of the neuropathy. When I removed my walking shoes later, my foot was swollen and warm to the touch. Everyone wanted me to go to the ER, but I declined since I knew immediately what the problem was and an ER doctor would not know how to treat it. I had read about Charcot Foot when researching peripheral neuropathy years ago and I realize now I had probably anticipated it becasue of my long term diabetes mellitus.

Long story short I have been in a CROW Boot for 7 weeks now (it took 6 weeks for BCBS to approve)) and it is definitely a slow heal. The limited mobility is driving me nuts, but far worse is the lack of exercise and its’ negative effects on my readings.

I am very interested in hearing what others have experienced with Charcot Foot. But please feel free to PM on anything T1.


My sister had it. She was diagnosed 63 years ago.
I know they gave her a machine to stimulate bone growth, which was nice and apparently worked well.
It truly did show up out of the blue.
Hope it heals successfully for you.