Anyone eles shoot and pump?

I take my bolus by needle injection of course square wave the rest when I use that feature. I do this because my infusion sites last longer. I never get 3 days out of a site but I can get 2 days if I inject the part of my bolus I am taking up front.
Also my BG results are better.

Just curious if anyone else does something like that.
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What usually happens after 1 days with a plastic cannula is the site gets achy and my sugars start to go up. However if I use a shot for the bolus then I can extent the plastic site 2 days sometimes 21/2 days. I rarely if ever get 3 days. With a sure T or bent needle I can only get 1 day unless I shot the bolus then I get 2. I use mostly sure T’s since I am underweight. I use 3 days of insulin in my reservoir and simply change the site using the same reservoir I don’t like to waste insulin or supplies when I don’t have to change it.

It has been this way since I started pumping 8 years ago. It was about 6 years ago I started using shots for bolus because I was going through infusion sites everyday. I wonder if it is cause I am one of those people who don’t site still unless I am so sick I am in bed asleep. Even so though my BG is way better and I do not spend much time in the the hospital compared to no pump so it is worth it.

I rotate not a few inches but the other side of my body in a different area so I know it is not that. The sure T is the best infusion set I have had ever :slight_smile: Very constant BG now I am able to lower them. The bent needle is reserved for monthly water retention and the short comforts/sills I use at a shallow angle in my thighs. They all work great for a day if I use only my pump then like if they had there own clock my BG starts to rise and rise.

I use skin preps, wash my hands, IV3000 tape cause I am allergic to pollyskin. I don’t mind taking a shot when I eat I am just wondering if anyone else does it and has seen the same difference.
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Dave how many days do you get out of a ST?

They are the best at least in my opinion too. I know the sils give peeps many problems but for me they work when I get to the front upper thigh. I also put them in so that the cannula lays vertical never horizontal since if it is horizontal it is a matter of hours before it is bad. I think with those you have to know how the muscle under runs and kinda of copy the path. Mine are very shallow though so it may be why I don’t seem to have the issue’s with them.

I digress so how many days…come on do tell :slight_smile:
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