Question about sites

I changed out my infusion site yesterday and noticed prior to moving it that it was pretty sore. My pump trainer said to change my site every 3 days which I did but since changing it I have a lump about marble size and it’s sore all around the site. Could it just be my body getting used to having the infusion site? I’m not really worried that it is infected or anything just am not sure what’s normal or not as I’ve only been pumping for 5 days…



I put it on my right side about 6 inches above my hip. I’m using the 9mm inset ones…

Yeah I haven’t tried the angled sets yet… I’m hoping that I can chuck this up to my body not being use to it. I used alcohol to clean the area prior to putting it in but now that I check my current one it’s kinda sore too… Maybe it’s just me! LOL

Yeah I have a sample of the angled set but haven’t tried it. Could it be that the infusion set is too long? I’m using the 9mm.

Thanks dave! You’re awesome!