Anyone else had this experience over time with T1?

Anyone else had this experience? For the first 20 years of Type 1, you handle it relatively well, and it's mostly nothing more than an annoyance of keeping in good control through insulin, testing, diet and exercise. You're able to function relatively well at both highs and lows. They don't control your life.

Then at about year 20, your symptoms become more pronounced during highs and lows.

By way of example, during my first 20 years with this thing, I could go out to a party and have fun with my friends, come home and do a test and see I was in the 200s. Throughout the party and when I got home and did the test I felt fine, other than maybe having a slightly dry mouth. I'd give myself 4-5 units of insulin and go to bed, end of story.

Now after about 23 years with T1, I'll go out to a party, start to feel crappy with a rapid heartbeat while talking to a friend, do a test and see that I'm at 180. It'll basically end my night. I'll have to give myself the correction bolus, but also have to sit down out of fatigue and drink water, and then leave the party really early.

Exactly my story, except I was able to do relatively well for my first 40 years.

Yeah…I am in my 40th year now, and I definitely seem to be hit harder by highs and lows…but then again, I thought maybe it has to do with the simple fact that I am aging. In either case, it is annoying. :frowning:

I’m hit less hard by my lows after 36 years (not completely hypo unaware, but rarely have the same textbook shakes and sweats–that’s due in part to contemporary insulins) but do seem to have more symptoms of highs. I assume the increased sensitivity to highs is because I’m in better control and have fewer highs over 200.

Last week I had an unfortunate confluence of end of cartridge, older infusion set, miscalculated lunch carbs, and a meeting that lasted 30 minutes too long–ended up near 400. Yuck. Hadn’t felt like that a long time and hope not to any time soon!

What is this “going out to a party” thing of which you speak? Haven’t done that for a very long time :slight_smile: