Year of Diagnosis

So I was diagnosed August 2012. I was thinking back to that time. I realized, I had 4-6 times earlier that year where I think I may have been having hypoglycemic attacks. Upon memory of these times, I suddenly could remember how I felt. I was confused, disoriented, erratic, sweating and my heart was racing. More importantly, I remembered the body feelings where my skin felt electric/floating like how I feel now when I get very low. That feeling specifically is what makes me think these may have been hypoglycemic attacks.

I was wondering if its possible to have hypoglycemic episodes before being diagnosed. Is that something that can happen? Does anybody else remember things like this before being diagnosed?

Yes, that happened to me, too. I was diagnosed T1D at the age of 30. I remember two or three episodes, during the two years before my diagnosis, where I was irritable, sweaty, and shaky. I cured it with a candy bar. In my case it happend late morning after a bowl of breakfast cereal, milk, and fruit. I would call it reactive hypoglycemia in that I think that the breakfast drove my BG high and my pancreas was low to react but eventually over compensated and drove me low.

Definitely happened to me too. Had several years of it and although I noticed it especially happening after carby meals or snacks at first (like a bowl of Rice Chex) I had no idea my BG was going high before it went low. I started carrying snacks in my purse and eventually developed hypo unawareness from such frequent 40s, 50s, and 60s before I knew the scoop. I did get an “official” reactive hypoglycemia diagnosis eventually after wearing a CGM for a week and have heard many PWD notice this even though docs say reactive hypoglycemia is very unusual. Not so sure about that. Seems to be a precursor for many adult onset diabetics.

happened to me all through my teenage years until i was diagnosed and that was when i was 36. it was especially rubbish when as i worked at a limousine company when i was studying at uni and we werent allowed to eat at our desks. id get all cranky and nasty on the phone to clients cuz id be low. i didnt know what it was, just that i had to eat. id be ravenous!

I believe when I was in college the first time around, I had VERY MILD hypoglycemia (like maybe my blood sugar was 70 and felt low or 69 mg/dL lol), a little soda made me feel better , but I don't think it was anything to do with my diabetes and was a while before I think my pancreas was being attacked or anything. I do know that I'm pretty sure I had hyperglycemia in 2012 and I was diagnosed a year ago tomorrow (so June 2013) .

I was diagnosed with Type 1 in 1976 at age 24. I have very strong memories of late-afternoon hypoglycemia in my high school years. I didn’t know anything about hypoglycemia then, but once I had lows from insulin, I recalled the hungry, sweaty, panicky feelings of my HS years.