Anyone else not able to get their whole prescription of insulin?

Has anyone else not been able to receive their whole prescription of insulin? I have only been able to get one vial

Which pharmacy and how was RX written?

My RX was written for 5 vials per 3 months. Pharmacy did 1 vial month 1, then 2 for next 2 months, then repeat. My insurance allows only 30 day fills as of this year, and such an inconvenience.

Which insulin? There are some cash discount programs for Novolog.

It’s not the cost just the inability to get the whole prescription. Is there an insulin shortage?

No insulin shortage. Ask the pharmacist why they filled only one vs whatever you were expecting.

What reason did the pharmacist give you? I have had no problems getting insulin.

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While I have not had to refill an insulin prescription recently, I have had several times over the past few years when I KNOW there was no insulin shortage, but they were unable to fill my prescription all at once.

Because there a a number to different insulins in vials as well as multiple types of pens with different insulin’s, I think that many pharmacies try to NOT overstock any one flavor. So, if there happen to be 3 people that happen to get their X Pen of Y insulin filled on the same day, if you happen to be #4 that day, you may only get a partial refill. At least that is my experience …. I nave always been able to get the remainder, however, in a matter of days.

Rather than going in mid-pandemic, I would suggest trying to phone, FAX, or email your pharmacist to ask about their stocking and re-supply practices for insulin.

My experience HAS taught me to try to get my next refill well before I begin to use my final bottle … I usually have at least 2 full vials in the fridge.

Best of luck and stay safe!


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I talked to the pharmacy today and said they wanted to make sure everyone would have access. They said the same thing was true for inhalers. Kroger was the pharmacy. Humolog or rather lispro

Sounds like a Kroger policy. Hope others don’t follow.

My pharmacy told me once that they only had 5 vials and would I mind taking 1 till they received their order in two days. No problem

I’ve had this same experience w/CVS prior to the pandemic. 90 day scripts often get filled with “what they have on hand” because “don’t maintain stocking levels that high”. This wasn’t the case prior to 2-3 years ago, but it occurs often now. I’ve never failed to get the full prescription, just have to make multiple trips sometimes.

I had trouble upfront. This was partially just bad timing because I typically stockpile before the new year (insurance reasons). Then, in March, everyone was stockpiling, so they were short. In May, my pharmy ordered the mother load of insulin for me, specifically, so I didn’t have to keep coming back. Everything here seems to have settled down in terms of supply chain.

So far, still getting what I need. Recently got a refill of 3 vials.

I have had issues due to insurance now allowing only 30 day fills. My RX was 5 vials for every 3 months. They filled it as 1-2-2 vials for the 3 fills/90 days.

I would be livid if they gave me the single bottle in the first month, instead of 2-2-1. If the script is written that way, you obviously need more that one bottle in a month, and that first month’s portion was inadequate.

  • normally get 4 vials of Lantus every 3 months. Last week I only got 2 vials, that will cover only 56 days, not quite 2 months, let alone 3.

I also have Addison’s and have to take hydrocortisone, I had problems getting it at Wal-Mart, moved it to Sam’s Club, who had it in stock. Got a full refill, but then when I went to get my next refill, they gave me a partial, it was, they said all they had. I was able to order it, thru my VA Dr. Problem is that Rx has been sitting for over a week. I called them today they had run out, but expected to get more tomorrow???

BTW the Pharmacist at Sam’s Club said he tried 6 other local pharmacies, and ALL of them were also OUT!

The hydrocortisone is on the FDA site as a drug in short supply.

JD, Gomer*

I have Aetna insurance and I typically get 5 vials of Humalog insulin every 90 days. I have not had any problems getting it through my mail order pharmacy (CVS Caremark) and I owed Zero dollars even though I have not met my deductible. I think my insurance covers some things at a really low rate before deductible is met. DOES YOUR INSURANCE ALLOW MAIL ORDER? Often using mail order discounts your prescription. I have been really pleased with my insurance. Everything will change in July when I transition to Medicare. GOOD LUCK, Jane

Update. Again I was only able to get one vial. 20 days worth

Yeagen, can you switch pharmacies? That would drive me crazy. I always leave the pharmacy with 3 months worth of insulin. Sometimes they won’t have Tresiba when I ask for it, but they always get it by the next day.

I’m going to check into it.

It was a decision made by Kroger but it is finally lifted. I got 80 days of insulin the other day. Not a full 3 months but I’ll take it