Anyone else paranoid about bringing snacks everywhere?

Just curious if anyone else has silly paranoias like not riding in an elevator without some type of snack to treat a low. Although I don’t have a fear of elevators breaking down in general, I’m always worried that’ll happen when I’m trending low. Ditto with not being able to even go for a five-minute walk without snacks. Do you have any things you do that don’t really make sense to people without diabetes?


Hey! I’m newly diagnosed (1 month ago) and yes I have felt the no snacks in my purse anxiety too! Not sure if non diabetics get it. Do you ever get really hungry but then the thought of certain snacks are a complete turn off?

Carrying snacks around everywhere just becomes a habit, not an obsession or paranoia. Like a mom that always asks her kids before they go anywhere “did you pee”? As we grow older we just pick up some good habits as well do things that may drive other people nuts. Wash hands? Cap on toothpaste? Seat lid down? etc.


I keep a small roll of glucose tablets in my purse, which goes everywhere with me. Then I never have to think about it.

I keep glucose with me always. While I do not get a thing out of it, I carry Elovate 15 all of the time. It is the least expensive on amazon. It is the best.

True. I guess it’s not an obsession as much as a habit. It’s just funny since my coworkers will be baffled by me running back to my desk to grab something for a short elevator ride to another floor in the building.

DEFINITELY! def relate to a unforeseen break in my day where i’d have to go without food. Scares me like hell.

I dont ever get into an elevator w/o carbs on me (Skittles). I missed being trapped in an elevator by just a few moments, during an earthquake that hit the Bay Area around 5PM. had I not stopped to talk to my boss at the end of the workday, I would have been one of those stuck for over an hour–at a time when I actually did get low on the drive home, watching the traffic signals sway in the aftershocks. So…I repeat, I never get into an elevator w/o carbs.

My best explanation to a non-PWD: Being without CGM or meter feels like being naked.

I always have a CGM on, because I soak sensors for one day. So for 1 day each week, I’ve got on 2; the rest of the time, of course “just” one. I always have equipment on me but I’m used to it. I remember the “free” feeling years ago (prior to my first G5 install) when I’d remove a set just before showering. LOL! The good news is this tech helps keep me safer, and healthier, so I don’t have bad feelings about wearing it.

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Yes, absolutely. Same with getting on the subway, I used to make sure I always bought a chocolate bar or smarties at the convenience store inside the station if I didn’t have anything on me. Now I just keep a tube of Dex4 glucose tablets in my pocket almost always and refill it from a bigger container every time I take a few from it.

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I am a fanatic about it especially elevators because of a recent experience . I took my entire lunch dose of humalog for the large rice and bean meal I was going to eat which I need to take at least 15 min before or I spike after to300. It is only 2 flights down to the lunch counter in our lobby and it never takes more than 5 or 10 minutes to get food and be back at my desk. I was running normal bs at 90. Them the elevator got stuck between floors and I had to call 911 because the elevator people said it would be 30 to 60 minutes and I had 15 units of humalog in my system and only a credit card in my pocket and no food in my stomach. The fire department had to come to get me out in time. My co workers make fun of me now because I won’t step foot in. the elevator ever without candy in my pocket

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Someone on this forum suggested Hammer Gel months ago. I’ve tried it and it has my seal of approval.

Each sealed gel pack has 21 grams of carbs, and it works twice as fast as Dex4 tabs (the gel has a glycemic index of 121-131).

I’ve got them in the car and every room in the house. Especially handy for those really nasty lows that Dex tabs can’t cope with.

I’m pretty good about always keeping emergency glucose on me, even for short trips. I’m not 100% on this, however, and have been caught short. When I realize that I need some glucose and I’m not prepared, I can be hard on myself. I tell myself that I know better and I try to pay closer attention going forward.

As I go through my mental checklist of things like keys, wallet, and cell phone as I leave the house, if I discover I have left behind emergency sugar, I will go back to get it. It ranks right up there in importance, as much as my phone.

Luckily, my glucose control is much better these days and I seldom need to treat a nose-diving BG. I will often correct with minor glucose amounts and bite a glucose tab in half.

Gluco-normals have no appreciation for how well their healthy glucose metabolism serves them!

I use this on keychain.

T2 here I use Cliff blocks. 8 carbs per block . Almost always Carry with.
But I thought of this post last night. Long day, normal breakfast, no lunch or snack.s
I thought we were going to to dinner, but just a 3 mile walk. My bad I forgot my cliff blocks No major crises, checked my BG when I got home 81, but for me not eating much for a day and the walking and not eating. My energy level was almost non existent. Kind of stumbled when I walked. Oh well I Knew better. My daughter made sure I got home without falling. She is good at that.

@MM1 - Does that container fit glucose tabs? The description says 1" inside diameter and my glucose tabs are 1", a close fit. I like the metal construction, O-ring to keep out moisture, and key ring to attach to a fixed point inside my carry bag. What do you put in there?

Here you go, Terry. It that does not work, this holds 4.

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I never go anywhere without a source of glucose. I am rarely without insulin and pens except maybe when on a short walk. Paranoid? Yes, maybe, but these items are just part of my life and I am much more comfortable having them with me.

Just the thought of not having glucose on me scares me. I enjoy my life too much to take a chance.

I put jelly beans in it. But there are several user comments that say glucose tabs fit. May depend on brand.

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