Anyone ever flown out of Mexico?

I’m looking at flying out of Tijuana, Mexico for a trip in December… My friend really wants to… But I’m not sure how travel regulations work with taking foreign pharmaceuticals (ie, insulin and pump supplies) on flights. Has anyone flown out of Mexico before? Did you have any problems?

I flew out of Cancun in August and had no issues. I don’t have a pump, just MDI, but it seemed just like the US security. I used the “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach and sent my insulin through the Xray undeclared. I would just follow the same practice that you do in the US.

I got searched entering Cancun and leaving Porta Valarta, at the time i was on MDI and they just looked a bit confused and I explained what everything was and they didn’t give me any trouble. Have your doctor give you a travel letter saying that you are diabetic and list the supplies that you carry, if needed you can show the security people this. Also make sure that your supplies are in carry on, just in case your checked baggage gets lost.

Hi Bluefrango: I have flown out of Mexico with all of my supplies many times, without any problem ever. I do have a letter from my doctor explaining what everything is, and the letter is in both English and Spanish. The only time the Spanish part of the letter was helpful was flying out of Madrid (of course, not Mexico!) when the TSA-equiv people didn’t know what a CGM was. Anyhow, Mexican airport security has never been a problem. I also follow Brian’s/bsc’s policy of “don’t ask don’t tell.”

I flew out of Merida on Aviacsa to Mexico City and, after a couple of days, out of Mexico City to Dallas on AA in 2008. As far as I can recall the security process was almost identical to flying out of equivalent US airports. Merida was small and relaxed, Mexico City large and frantic but otherwise no different.

I agree with the other responses about carrying a doctor's letter. Mine has only been needed a couple of times - oddly, on that trip, when I flew out of Dallas - but it saved a lot of hassle on those rare occasiopns when I needed it. Mine is in English. The only time I carried a translation was for my Yellow Fever inoculation waiver in Portuguese for Brazil.

I wrote a few general tips based on my travels here: Travelling With Type 2

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia
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I only have had problems one time, that was flying out or Monterrey, Mexico on VivaAerobus. A lady checking people boarding the flight looked through my diabetic case with all of my insulin and syringes and told me I was only allowed 4 syringes and I had probably 25. I immediately forgot every word of Spanish that I knew when I started trying to tell her I was diabetic and took 4 or 5 shots a day and I needed that supply. A kind bi-lingual older gentleman behind me started helping me argue my case and she finally relented.

All to the other times I have flown I have not had any problems with being diabetic. I flew out of TJ for my honeymoon a year and a half ago to Ceurnavaca, Mexico and had not problems.

I do not use a pump but I don't think it should cause you problems.

I agree with the doctor's letter... it is a good thing to have with you, just in case.

Blessings from Ensenada, Mexico


I flew out of TJ several years ago with no problems at all. I am on pump and always take syringes with me also.